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iPhone Friday


Howdy! I’m proud to report that the 5 Day Deal I was part of raised over $45,000 for charity. Yup, that is awesome! If you purchased the bundle, I would like to say thanks. That is a lot of money for some great causes. Today’s iPhone photo is a of a cute little cat I photographed while cruising around the back streets of Cozumel working on a little personal project I will share with you sometime next week.

Have a great weekend!

Lightroom Presets

I had a couple questions about the new Lightroom Presets, so here’s a quick video overview of them. If you’d like to purchase them, you can pick up our Complete Collection here. It’s the best deal going. $30 gets you 75 presets, 50 photo finishing tools and a complete set of colorized graduated neutral density filters.

iPhone Friday

iPhone Photography Cozumel

Howdy! I’m now back in the world of reliable internet. If I missed an email or comment I’m totally sorry about that. Poor internet access was to blame. I will do my best to catch up in the next few days. This was a quick iPhone Photo while I was, according to Trey…stuck in customs…for three long hours. It was kind of a bummer that we missed a great sunset, but I made the most out of it with some discrete iPhone photos.

I also have some other cool news…..

This is a great opportunity to help a few deserving organizations.

First off, I hope everyone had a great 2013! I wanted to share with you a project I have been invited to be part of here in 2014. As many of you know, I support the Davis Phinney Foundation which helps people living with Parkinson’s disease live well. By being involved in this project that is launching on Jan 5th, we are able to continue to help support this great foundation. Check it
out and make sure to visit on Jan
5th. Not only will you have an opportunity to improve your photography,
you will have a
special opportunity help the Davis Phinney Foundation, as well as other deserving charities. That’s a ‘win win’ in my book!


Why do I think that?  

Well, this event is going to be a big deal to a lot of people:

  • You will be able to help support several deserving foundations by improving your own photography.
  • Interested in HDR photography?
  • What about travel or fashion photography?
  • Needing to get better at food photography?
  • Looking to start or grow a photography business?
  • Wanting to sell photography or photography related products on the internet?
  • Wish you could find out which tools the pro’s use?

…and this is only the beginning.

Really… if you’ve got a camera your gonna want to be part of this event.  

I can’t say much more about the event now, but you can find out more about dates and who is included by clicking below.


iPhone Friday

64 Yard Field Goal Denver Broncos

Remember at the beginning of this week when I mentioned I was at the game where the NFL record-setting 64 yard field goal was kicked? Well this was it! And this was our view.


Snapseed Tutorial

Snapseed – The Definitive Guide

My Snapseed workshop now has a new look and a new home. It is updated with all the current tools including the new browser-based version, HDR Scape and Shadows Adjustments. It even comes with a cool eBook of creative tips. Sure, you are going to learn Snapseed but more importantly you are going to learn the fundamentals of creative image processing.

Click Here to get it at the introductory price of $14.97 over on Flatbooks.

iPhone Friday


Howdy! It has been quite a tech failure week over here. Boy oh boy, Apple Mavericks hates external hard drives. And we photographers know why we have external hard drives. Yep, you guessed it…to store crazy huge files our cameras produce. Maybe this is just another argument in favor of the rather simple mobile photography workflow?

Speaking of mobile photography, the good folks over at iPhone Photography School posted a cool review of my new course ‘The Art of Mobile Photography’. Make sure to visit the site, because they are offering very limited pricing. I mean very limited!


The Art of Mobile Photography


I’m excited to announce that I have finally launched my mobile photography course!

Click here to receive the special 50% off introductory holiday pricing. Do it fast, the offer is limited to the first 100 students.

More about ‘The Art of Mobile Photography’

This course is like nothing that has ever been offered before! Mobile photography IS photography. In this course you will learn basic principles of photography and creative techniques that you can apply to your mobile device, point & shoot or new DSLR camera. Although I teach the course on a phone, everything you learn will benefit you throughout your entire photographic adventure! Here are a few reasons to join….

  • Bonus Videos – Go behind the image and learn new techniques with free monthly bonus videos.
  • Interactive – Join the conversation, ask questions and I will get them answered.
  • Beyond HOW-TO – This course takes you beyond simple ‘click here’ and ‘do that’. This course is all about learning creative principles that will serve you in every situation.

Watch The Trailer

Here’s what others are saying….

“Although I consider myself a “seasoned” photographer, I’m always open to learning new things. Your Workshop was well worth the price of admission. Thanks for a great workshop!” — Robert C.

“I had a hunch my phone might become a fun creative tool but hadn’t taken the time to explore the possibilities…taking this workshop opened up a whole new universe of creative possibilities. Thank you!” –Bob K.

“Wow! I can’t recommend your class highly enough. I learned so much and I urge anyone wondering about the class to sign up TODAY. Thanks for everything!” –Susan S.

“I recently took up mobile photography….I can honestly say my photography skills have grown tremendously and now I am constantly looking to shoot something on my phone.” –Jessi B.