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A View Of Denali

Flight Around Denali

This is one of those images and moments that just needs to be. It’s from a flight around Denali we were on a couple of years back. I have a bunch of photos from that flight, and I revisit them every now and again just to remember that moment. It’s always fun to share them with you. If you’d like to put this on your desktop for a day, click the image, click ‘X3’ for the high-res version then save it as your desktop. I hope it inspires you as much as it does me. I think it is amazing that things like this exist in the world. It is such a beautiful place!

Honest Images

Denali National Park

As of now, Denali National Park (pictured here) is closed! I won’t go into how I feel about that, that’s not what HOSSedia is all about. What I wanted to touch base with you about is the concept of ‘Honest Images’. I recently heard someone describe their photography as ‘Honest’. It was an interesting concept to me. Something that triggered some soul-searching to answer. It could mean, images that aren’t composites or overly processed. I think those are simple answers that miss a critical aspect of photography. In my estimation, even if your images are hyper post-processed, they can still be honest. Can’t they? I think the only facet of honesty that we as artist should care about, is are we honest with ourselves. That is easier said than done. I’m finding that not only is my personal aesthetic changing, but my entire motivation to make photographs is on the precipice. I began this site with a simple goal, to help cultivate the creativity in others so that we might make the world a better place. It is a lofty goal, but from the interactions I have had with the great folks I’ve met through this site, I think we have succeeded. Now, with that same goal in mind, I want to take it a step further. If I’m honest with myself, not only as a photographer, but as a person….I think we can!

Who Doesn’t Love Syrup

Alaskan Syrup

Another image in this week’s series of ‘Hey, I’m glad I shot that photo’ photos. I was familiar with Maple Syrup from the Northeast, but I had no idea that Alaska produced Birch syrup. It’s really good! These are the buckets that collect that sap that they make the syrup with. Have you ever had Birch syrup?

Whales In The Mist

Whale Watching Alaska

Here’s another image I wasn’t sure about at the time, but because film is so cheap these days I turned the shutter over. Years later, I kind of like it. We will continue tomorrow with another image from Alaska.

Quick Nik Tip – I post quite a few tips over on G+/Facebook, so make sure to circle/like me. To get a little extra separation between the whales’s spout and the trees in the distance, I add a few control points to the mist and selectively amplified the whites. Just another way you can make magic with Silver Efex Pro 2!

Nik Silver Efex Pro Tutorial

Denali National Park

This is about 1/2 way into Denali National Park. Something I’ve noticed about National Parks…you can’t go wrong. I’ve been to a bunch, and the folks that design these places make it really easy to see mind blowing kick butt stuff. That being said, in Denali, they need to do something about the weather. In those clouds somewhere is a Mt. McKinley and it would probably be about 3 times taller than the other mountains. Can you imagine what that would be like? Have you ever seen it? I’d love to hear about it.

Hope you had a great weekend and we will see you back here tomorrow!