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Ulrich and the International Male

One from the archive! My college teammate and I visited the Tour in 2004. We considered going in 2003, but we were confident in Lance’s abilities to win a record breaking 6th TDF. This image was made on stage 19, the decisive individual time trial in Besancon. We had walked 2 miles in the rain for a position on a round-a-bout that would provide us a clear line of sight. The anticipation grew as we watched rider after rider racing by. As the names on the start list were dwindling, we knew that Lance would be charging by shortly. It was Jan Ulrich we saw first, followed shortly thereafter by the man in Yellow. What a dream come true. We were front row for one of the greatest records in cycling history! Lance is racing again this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

Nikon D1x
Nikkor 80-200 AFD

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