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Bean Town In Black & White

Boston Skyline Black & White

Wow, this image goes way back…all the way back to the Nikon D300 days in 2009. We are looking at the Boston skyline from the MIT side of the Charles River.

If you are from Boston, or know someone who would like to put this image on their desktop, please share it with them. Just click the image, click the ‘X3’ (above it the new image), then right click PC/CMD Click MAC and select ‘Set As Desktop Background’. Did you know you could do that with almost every image on the site? If you didn’t, you do now. Enjoy!

Paul Revere’s Bakery

Remember that bakery I wrote about in a previous post? The one in Boston’s North End (that doesn’t sound right)? It is called Bova’s. Click the link to find out more about it:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul Revere picked up a loaf of bread here prior to making his famous midnight ride. The bakery is a delightful stop for anyone walking (or warning of a British invasion) along Boston’s Freedom Trail.

Nikon D300
Nikkor 17-35 AFS

Processing Notes:
Capture (1 image)
Photomatix (pseudo hdr)
Photoshop (Levels adjustment)
NIK ColorEFX (Tonal Contrast boosted highlight/midtone contrast and saturation)
NIK Define 2.0 (Auto entire image)
NIK Sharpener (Display 35% adaptive sharpening)

Here is a sneak peek!

A Fruitful Night In Boston

I’m not sure if this was Boston’s fault or our own? However, after spending about 3 days in the city we had an insatiable appetite for fresh fruit. Were we not looking for fruit? Could we not find it? I will have to visit Boston again before I am prepared to point any fingers. After we hung out and made some images from this location near MIT, we decided to have the taxi take us to the closest supermarket and stock up on fresh fruits. No dinner at Cheers that night. We made an entire meal of raspberries, bananas, and sparkling water.

The MIT waterfront is a great location for images of the Boston Sky Line. I was unsure of this image at first, but after taking a fresh look at it I was happy with the way it turned out. The moon’s reflection in the foreground helped to bridge the gap between the viewer and the city.

Nikon D300
Tokina 11-16 ATX Pro
Gitzo Traveler

Happy New Year

This image is a favorite of mine from our trip to Boston this summer. As both old and new worlds meet on the shore of the Charles, the picture tells the story of this great city.

As a holiday present to anyone who is interested, I added it as a computer desktop. Feel free to find one appropriate for your monitor resolution and hang it in your office for a while.

Nikon D300
Nikkor 70-300 VR II
Gitzo Traveler

Happy New Year everyone and I am excited about the images in 2010.

The North End

If you are headed to Boston, take a look at the travel resources and photo map I added to the site. I mapped some photo locations as well as provided a couple items for the non-photographers in your group.

The story behind the picture: As we explored the Freedom Trail in Boston’s famous North End we not only found a great bakery, we also found a grand old building. I set up the tripod while enjoying some pastries and a coffee. What a corner!

Nikon D300
Nikkor 17-35 AFS 2.8
Nikon CPII
Gitzo Traveler

Capture (5 images) –> Photomatix (HDR Details Enhancer) –> Nik SilverFX (High Structure, Red Filter, Burned bottom edge) –> Nik Define –> Nik Sharpen (For Display) –>