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Vancouver Skyline

It’s no secret there were a bunch of photographers showing up at this location to shoot the sunset in Vancouver. How did I find out about this photographer’s paradise? I asked the concierge. Whenever you travel, make sure to talk to the locals or a concierge at the hotel. Not only is a great way to find locations like this, it’s a great way to meet new people. Most of which are pretty cool! If you’re traveling to Vancouver, check out my free photo guide.

Niagara Falls

Today I thought I would share two photos from Niagara Falls to illustrate a lesson in Scale. I love the fluidity and motion in the top image, however we just don’t know how big those falls really are. Because of the tourists in the bottom image, we have a pretty good idea about their size. I share this lesson with you so that next time you are faced with a massive wonder of the world, make sure to include something us viewers can use a reference. If only I could have been there when barrel jumper made an attempt!

Jim & Pam’s Engagement

This is the Maid of the Mist, the ship made famous from Jim and Pam’s Engagement on The Office. If you ever visit Niagara Falls, you can watch this ship make trip after trip taking poncho clad spectators to the base of the falls and back again. It’s fun to watch. The ship will lumber away as it fights against the current to reach the falls. It pauses for a few seconds, then turns its bow downstream and is quickly whisked back to where it started. We never dawned the blue poncho ourselves, but I was curious what it would have felt like to be whipped around like that in the rough waters?

Have any of you ever taken a cruise on the Maid of the Mist?

Programming Note

Also, did you know you can click on any image here at and get a much larger version you can use for you desktop? Try it. Just click the image above, and when you get the larger version click the X3 above that for the super large version. That’s the image you will want for your daily desktop!

Voted On The Island

Niagara Falls Ferris Wheel

Because I shoot a lot of photos over the course of year (2011, it was around 30,000), I created a gallery on my various social outlets where I post photos that don’t make it to the blog. What else am I supposed to do with all those image? This photo was really well received by the kind folks that follow us over on Facebook, so I decided I better share it with everyone. The people spoke, and it was voted on the island (errrr…blog). If you’re curious, this is the ferris wheel overlooking Niagara Falls.

Continue for Capture/Processing Notes…

Leading Up To The Falls

Niagara Falls

When you are standing near Niagara Falls, it is easy to get hypnotized by the falling water. It really is an amazing sight. If you ever visit, I’d suggest your find a way to view the falls from above. They have all sort of hotels around the area and a few observatories. From above, the perspective shifts. You can see the entire river for miles as it leads up to this wonder of the world. The entire time I was secretly hoping someone upstream would throw a huge log in river so I could have watched it go over the falls.

The Davis Phinney Foundation Opportunity Of A Lifetime

If you are a regular reader, you know I do my best to promote the Davis Phinney Foundation. You can read more about it, and my passion for it here. I was notified by their coordinator that they have a special involvement with this year’s Ride The Rockies. I promised them I would pass along this message. They only have 1 spot left, so if you want a guaranteed spot on an iconic ride and help people living with Parkinson’s disease, here is your opportunity.

Contact me if you are interested and I will put you in touch my contact at the DPF.

From the DPF……………

The Davis Phinney Foundation is thrilled to announce that we have been selected as one of the nonprofit collaborative partners for the 2012 Ride the Rockies annual bike tour, one of Colorado’s premier cycling events. One of the many benefits of this partnership is that we have received ten guaranteed discounted entries to this year’s event, which we are using to form a Davis Phinney Foundation team. Since you are one of our loyal supporters, we want to extend to you the opportunity to be a part of this exclusive team before we make the entries available to the public.

More than 3,500 cyclists are expected to apply to the Ride the Rockies lottery in hopes of securing one of only 2,000 entry slots. As part of the Davis Phinney Foundation team, you’ll participate in this fully supported, seven-day trek through the mountains of Colorado. The non-competitive tour begins on Saturday, June 9th and finishes on Friday, June 15th. If you have wanted to add an epic ride to your bucket list, your wait can be over. You’ll be supporting the Davis Phinney Foundation while living out one of your dreams.

To receive one of these coveted entry slots, you will be asked to raise (or donate) $2,500 to the Davis Phinney Foundation. One hundred percent of the $25,000 raised will fund programs that help people living with Parkinson’s to live well today. Specifically, the donations will help bring The Victory Summit® symposium (a day-long event for people with Parkinson’s and their families) to Colorado in 2012/2013.

In addition to the benefits you’ll receive by participating in Ride the Rockies, riders with the Davis Phinney Foundation team will receive a commemorative jersey, a signed copy of The Happiness of Pursuit by Davis Phinney, dinner with the team, and most importantly, the knowledge that your participation and donation will help improve the quality of life for countless numbers of people with Parkinson’s.