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Gift Shop

Carlsbad Cavern Gift Shop

No kidding, this is the gift shop in Carlsbad Cavern. Everything about this place is cool! I shot this image with my trusty Nikon 14-24mm. Sometimes you just need the ultra wide-angle perspective. Hence, I am eagerly awaiting the Fuji 10-24mm XF lens. Once that hits the streets….I might easily be an all Fuji Guy. As for now, I’m still holding on to my wide Nikon glass.

Dinner With Friends

Yellow Brix Carlsbad New Mexico

Hope you had a great weekend! If we ever have dinner together, which actually happens quite a bit since I’ve met a lot great people who visit here, I’ll probably order dinner then we’ll have to go explore the restaurant to shoot some photos. Thankfully my family, friends and regular visitors here are cool creative people that enjoy photography. The Yellow Brix, pictured here, was a very cool discovery in New Mexico. I was pretty sure that in the middle of Haliburton country, we wouldn’t be finding a place like this. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Photographer’s Note – The is a two image blend using Photomatix Exposure Fusion that was further stylized using Nik Software Viveza and Color Efex Pro.

Carlsbad Cavern – Part IV

Carlsbad Cavern Post Office

What else would you expect to find at the end of an adventure to the center of the Earth? You guessed it, a gift shop and cafeteria. Heck, you can even send your friends a postcard from down here. Also, after you’ve walked all the way down here, you just jump on the elevator to get take you back to the surface! I hope you enjoyed this stroll through Carlsbad Caverns. I highly recommend you visit.

Carlsbad Cavern – Part III

Carlsbad Cavern Hall of Giants

Well, after traveling along an incredible trail that takes you 900ft below ground, what do you see? The answer is….all sorts of cool stuff. Massive formations, beautiful reflecting pools and bottomless pits. The big room itself can fit something like eight 747s. It’s huge! Far more than a single camera lens could capture.

Carlsbad Cavern – Part II

Carlsbad Cavern HDR

Once you enter the caver, it’s really had to describe just how large they are. It’s as if you entered a primitive arena. The three main chambers you pass through on the way to the ‘Big Room’ are all about the size of your local pro basketball arena. They are huge! I’ve never experienced anything like it before.