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The Blue Streak

The Blue Streak

You are looking at the opening tunnel of one of the last 2 functioning Vittel Roller Coasters in operation. The coaster is called the Blue Streak, and can be found in Conneaut Lake Park, PA. It has just been renovated and its ready to ride. This coaster has a long history in my family. My grandfather was actually the lead carpenter in charge of maintenance back in the 50’s. My father was a security guard who patrolled the coaster at night to keep her safe. Now I’m the guy who shuts the coaster down because ‘some photographer (me) is standing in the middle of it trying to take a picture’. Yep, I shut the Blue Streak down for a good 1/2 hour a couple months back. I will share the entire story when I run my series on Conneaut Lake. Let’s just say that because of my family history, I felt entitled to do whatever I wanted.

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