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Felt Like A Stranger

Jean-Paul Sartre Grave

This is a follow up to a story I shared with you last year. If you don’t remember the story of an early morning scramble around Pairs, you can read it here. This image was a somewhat surreal discovery for me. I was hungry and tired as I made my way back from the Eiffel Tower, and accidentally stumbled upon one of the most frequented cemeteries in France, Cimetière du Montparnasse. It is a hauntingly huge cemetery. Due to time constraints, I only had about 20 minutes to explore it. Good thing they have burial index. I quickly scanned the registry. To my surprise, I discovered a favored author my mine, Jean-Paul Sartre, was buried around the corner. It felt odd taking a photo of his grave. As you can see, there are flowers and small memorials scattered around it. I’m not sure how Sartre would have felt about that. He probably would have rather you read his work than visit. I guess I was experiencing the irony in mourning the death of an existentialist. I left the cemetery with his laughter quietly shoeing me along…..Probably because I was kicked out for using a tripod, but that’s another story.

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iPhone Friday

The site has really been growing. Over 10% in the last month alone. We are sitting at a little under 10,000 visitors a month. We aren’t Facebook (errr….Google+), but we’re getting there. I really want to thank everyone who visits here on a regular basis. Whether you email me, comment, get in touch via the various social outlets, or simply view an image and read the story I want you to know I appreciate it. This is a very fun and positive creative outlet, and based on your comments I think it is a bright spot in your day as well. That being said, I thought I would introduce the 10% of our new readers to iPhone Friday.

I post the iPhone images I made from the week (with a few exceptions) every Friday. I love the iPhone for a lot of reasons (you can read why here), but one of the reasons is that it has slowly started to democratize creativity. You don’t have to have a fancy DSLR to join in the creative discussion. iPhone Friday is a way of reminding myself of that. I hope it serves as a reminder to you as well. I want us to go into the weekend with our collective creative muse stirred and make some magic together. So here are a few images I made with my iPhone while on a mountain biking trip in the Utah desert last weekend.

News: We will begin the “American Cowboy” series on Monday. I hope to provide a candid look at a profession that has been romanticized in pages and pages of Zane Grey novels, but I’m guessing many of us know very little about. It should be a fun and informative week. I also promise a few photos of some very cute cattle dogs. If you want to get a head start, you can catch my first post here.