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What’s Your Calling?

As much as I love Les Pauls and dream of playing lead guitar in a blues band, the soul of my playing is more closely aligned with playing a Telecaster in a space rock band. That same analogy can be applied to my photography. Something that resonates with my soul, that I don’t do nearly enough of is environmental portraits. Yep, I shoot and share a lot of landscape images, but deep down I’m a storyteller. Don’t get me wrong, I love all types of photography. It’s just that my muse speaks the loudest when I’m working with interesting and unique people bathed in natural light.

What about you? What’s your calling?

The Journey Home

We have been on the road for almost a week now, tracing my father’s history through western Pennsylvania. Its been a great trip, filled with adventure and funny stories. I just hope my camera and I did a good job. Here is an image from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. If you didn’t know where it was, you would never know it existed. It is nestled deep in a valley about an hour south of Pittsburgh. After visiting, it’s apparent it was hit hard by recessions long ago. The current economic situation isn’t helping. Steel and coal were the town’s backbone, and all that is left are the hollowed shells of massive refineries. The world moved elsewhere, but its long time residents didn’t.

It is late, and I have to pack. I hope to share more images of Pennsylvania in future posts, I have quite a few images to mange when I get home. I hope everyone had a safe weekend, and remembered the people from places like Johnstown, who have sacrificed for others.

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