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Peering Down The Pier

Scripps Pier

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. It’s supposed to be getting cold here in Colorado, so I thought I would try to warm in up a bit around here. Scripps Pier is one of my favorite places to photograph. I love the contrast of waves, clouds and the unmoving pier leading you to them.

My New Workshop

If you missed it, I launched my new photography workshop. You can check it out here and if you use this link (click here) you can get the holiday savings. If you’re a ‘Good Newsletter’ subscriber, make sure you check your inbox because I sent out a super Cyber Monday deal. I’d love for you do take it so we can continue the creative adventure together.

Photography Should Be Fun!

secret beach house near Scripps Pier

Photography should be fun…right? Taking photos, exploring new places, meeting new people and even post processing should be fun. Like today’s image, I had a blast turning the secret beach house near Scripps Pier into something from another world. I did it all using the Complete Nik Collection by Google. First I used HDR Efex Pro 2 to tonemap a single image and give it an otherworldly look. Then I applied some additional creative styling from the Color Efex Pro Suite. I share this information with you because the price of the Complete Collection was once $500, and is now only $126.65 if you use this link…

Yep, the good folks over at Google gave me a special link that will allow you to save some money when you check out. Normally it would be $149.00, but with the discount they are giving all of my readers, it’s only $126.65 when you use the link.

It is an awesome tool set and I know you will love it! If you were wondering where this image started…here you go!

Nik Complete Collection Before & After

Celestial & Terrestrial Friends

Howdy! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a biq weekend of tech support. I upgraded my God Mother’s iPhone from iOS 4-6. Taught a little iPad 201 to my mom (for someone who doesn’t like technology…she sure love the iPad….I’m guessing that’s why it’s so successful). Then, in exchange for a new water heater, I helped out a good plumber buddy get his new computer set up. Three days of tech support, across a bunch of different platforms can make you a little crazy….

Today’s Photograph

I found this place along the shores of La Jolla beach. I’m not sure what it is…I think it’s an event center? The star and palm tree at the end of a long walkway caught my eye. I remember being exhausted at the time, but knew I couldn’t pass up this photo. I’m glad I had one last image in me that night. Do you ever get tired and have to force yourself to make a photograph because you know you won’t be able to live with yourself in the morning?

Winter Book Club – Creativity & Awesome Prizes

The winter book clubs continues to roll on. This has been really fun! Thanks for joining in. I really hope you are getting some new found inspiration out of it. Here’s this week’s winners.

  • Rob – Won something from the Nik Collection
  • Ryan – Won the card organizer from Think Tank
  • Scott – Won a free eBook from Craft & Vision
  • Pam – Won a free eBook from Craft & Vision
  • Mel – Won a free eBook from Craft & Vision

This week’s book: I’m a people person, so this book is kind of a personal one for me. But I thinks it applicable to all of us. I hope you enjoy it! Forget Mugshot (by David duChemin)

Click here to get it!

Weekly Prizes: Each Monday for the next 5 weeks I will choose a book for us to read. Sometime that week leave a comment on that post about your favorite part. I will then choose a 5 random winners each week.

  • 1 person will win a Think Tank card organizer!
  • 3 people will win a free eBook!
  • 1 person will win software from Nik Software! (It could be Define 2.0, Color Efex 4, Silver Efex 2, Sharpener Pro, Viveza 2 or HDR Efex)!

Grand Prize!

This is the best part! At then end of the six weeks, I will choose 3 lucky winners that have participated regularly. Those winners will receive either a ThinkTank Retrospective 5 or Nik Software’s ‘Complete Collection‘ or every eBook Craft & Vision has ever published.

Night Lights Of La Jolla

Today’s photo was made high about La Jolla California from the top of Mt. Soledad. If you are ever visiting La Jolla, make a point of getting up there. It’s beautiful. If you’d like to see other great locations in La Jolla, check out my free travel guide. It’s full of photo locations, places to stay and things to do!

The photograph below has already hit the site, but I thought it would be fun to show you the view from Mt. Soledad at sunrise….

Mt. Soledad

Scripps Pier

I wasn’t sure whether this image was blog worthy or not so I decided to let our good friends over at Facebook decide. It was overwhelmingly voted ON the island. Thanks again to everyone who voted for it. I hope you like the larger, higher resolution version of it. It’s always better to visit the site for the daily image because the social outlets compress the heck out of images and make them look far less awesome.

Photographer’s Note This is the famous Scripps Pier near La Jolla, CA. Piers are one of my favorite subjects to photograph because they create such a visual contrast between their static nature and the dynamic nature of the sea. This is a single image processed in Lightroom 4 followed by a perspective adjustment in Photoshop.