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What is a trip to Monterey without a visit to the warf? As we prepare for a winter trip, I thought I would go back through the images from this summer’s adventures. I had visited this image before, but never found what I was looking for. This evening, after it has set for a month or so, I decided to approach it with a fresh set of eyes. I am pleased with the results.

The upcoming adventures include a photo workshop with the National Geographic Traveler Photographer Bob Krist and a trip to Cozumel. I am anxious to take my newly acquired knowledge from the workshop and immediately apply it to a city we have visited many times and have come to love. Stay tuned!

Tip: Being an HDR image shot at night, noise was a serious issue. Even the strongest of NoiseWare filters left the sky speckled with artifacts. To resolve this I ended up using NoiseWare to reduce the noise present anywhere other than the night’s sky. To polish up the sky I blended in one of the underexposed captures.

Mission accomplished!

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: Tokina 11-16

Bridge On The 1

The 1, originally uploaded by LightAsMagic.

Again, trying to hone my HDR processing skills. This image was processed via Photomatix 3.2 using 3 images at 2,0-2. I originally bracketed 7 images 3 -> -3 but I’m not convinced more is better when it comes to HDR generation. Someday I should get around to posting the output of various bracket segments to see what others think. For now, I will continue to develop my techniques.

Travel Tip:  If you are a photographer, either travel alone or with a supportive patient companion.  You will be pulling over a bunch.  Also, when driving the 1, it is far easier to drive north to south than it is south to north. Turn-offs are much easier to access this way.

Coastal Patience

Dream Coast, originally uploaded by LightAsMagic.

The coastal fog between Monterey and Big Sur frustrated me at times but then it turned around and rewarded me with this.

Watching Us

Watching Us, originally uploaded by LightAsMagic.

Who’s watching who?
Unknown to us, the only sunny day of our stay in Monterey we decided to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  It is well worth a stop if you are visiting this quaint sea side town.  The aquarium offers exhibits ranging from massive water columns to chaotic surge zones.  On the foggy days we decided to drive the coast through Carmel down to Big Sur.  If only we had known what the weather had in store…….