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On Otter’s Wings II

Otters Wings II

This is image was made during our flight around the summit of Mt. McKinley. You can find the complete story (and movie from the flight) in my 5 part series ‘Approaching Denali’. I was lucky enough to ride copilot on the first part of the flight. I gave up my seat on the second part. No way did I want to ruin my good fortune by capitalizing on the photo karma. The flight itself is about 2 hours and includes a glacier landing. Before you actually circle the summit, you spend a bit of time checking out the glaciers that lead to the mountain herself. These glaciers are massive sidewalks, cut through 10,000ft peaks, over the millions of years. I believe this one is the Ruth Glacier, and it’s close to 1.5 miles wide. Experiences like this redefine your perspective of time and place in the universe.

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That’s Some Harry Potter S#!t

Harry Potter Sh...

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was able to get a couple of nice rides in and I think I have the details of the fitness challenged hashed out, so make sure to check out this weeks iPhone Friday when I will announce it. It should be fun, and I hope you decide to participate.

During a slideshow for some friends of our recent trip to Alaska, my buddy exclaimed…”That’s some Harry Potter S#!t!” when he saw this image. It made me laugh, and I thought it was an accurate description. I can’t take credit of this one, it is another image from my wife’s D5000. You can find other images from the flight around the summit of Denali in the series Approaching Denali.

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From A Distance


Mt. Mckinley as seen from the south side, just north of the small town of Talkeetna. Alaska is far more accessible than I had ever thought it was. All you need to do is catch a flight to Anchorage (watch Alaska Air because they have some really inexpensive last minute specials), rent a car, drive an hour and a half north, take a photo with a ‘Levi for Mayor’ sign in Wasilla, wave at the Russians, and bingo you would be standing on the exact spot I shot this.

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Approaching Denali – The Movie

I hope you enjoyed last week’s photo essay, Approaching Denali. As promised, here is a short movie I made from the flight. You should have seen me. My Flip was in my jacket’s chest pocket, iPhone in the right hand pocket, Sigma 15mm fish in the left hand pocket, and the D700 w/ the 17-35 on my lap. My hands were flying around and my head was on a swivel. I’m sure our pilot was worried I was going to accidentally pull the handle to the ejection seat.

I normally carry a small Flip video camera with me when we travel. It is a great little camera. If you are interested in it, feel free to read my review here:

Flip Mino HD Review

I hope you enjoy the video. I did my best to hold the camera steady in a turbulent small aircraft.

Note: If you are an email subscriber, you might have to visit the site to watch the video. If so, here is the link:

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Music By: Cary Brothers
Song: Ride
Album: Who You Are

Who Click the icon to get the album.

Cary Brothers is a great band (it is actually an individual singer song writer with a boatload of talent), and I can’t recommend him enough. If you liked ‘Ride’, I think you will like the rest of his work.

Approaching Denali – Part V

Approaching Denali Part V

We banked, the clouds opened up, and there it was. I don’t know what else to say……

I hope you have enjoyed this last week’s images and stories. I had a great time putting it together and reliving the flight. I’m sure other images will be hitting in the future. I still haven’t touched on the glacier landing! If you would like a recap of the Approach to Denali, you can find them below.

p.s…I am working on a short video of the flight that will get published next week.

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