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Local Musicians

The x100s coupled with VSCO Film Packs makes for a compact and efficient creative tool. I photographed these two young musicians in Santa Fe this summer. They were quite good. Nothing like listening to a little boot stopmin’ rootsy folk while you browse local artisan offerings. They actually made an appearance in this movie I filmed while exploring the New Mexico landscape.

Billy The Kid’s Grave

Billy The Kid's Grave

If you ever find yourself driving through ‘Nowhere’ New Mexico, stop by Fort Summers and visit Billy The Kid’s grave. If not, just read about it on Wikipedia and enjoy this image. There’s not much else there.

Photographer’s Note – I posted a HOW-TO video about this image over on a live Google+ On-Air hangout. If you are interested, you can watch it here.

Night Chilies

Chimayo Santa Fe Hotel

Have you ever been to Santa Fe, NM? It’s kind of a long weekend getaway for folks here in Colorado. Too far for two days, but perfect for three or four. It’s full of bright beautiful color and well worth the trip. I was still wired after a long day of traveling, so I decided to go shoot some photos late one night. Here’s a cool spot I found at the Hotel Chimayo. Great place at the price is right!

San Francisco Folks – I’m headed that way in a bit, do you have any must see, must do, must eat type of things you could share with me? I’d totally appreciate it.

The Fuji Xperiment

Fuji x100s Review

You probably know by now that I’ve been slowly evaluating the Fuji x100s. Finally, I’ve finished up my review of it. I’d love for you to give it a look. In short, the Fuji x100s is a fantastic camera, unlike any other camera on the market. However, if you remember my experiment I conducted in Nevada last year, you know I have telephoto eyes. No, the x100s won’t satisfy my need for subject isolation or lens compression. That being said, I’m more than satisfied with the x100s for environmental portraits. I’m also impressed with the size, weight and image quality of the X series cameras. That being said….you might just an X-E1 experiment beginning soon.

A Quiet Conversation

I often wonder if I should post images like this. They aren’t the type of photos that will win awards or grace the cover of a magazine. Nope, they are images of quiet little places off of the beaten path, places that you might never notice. I think about this often. I actually worry about it. Do I drive people away from here, because the image is simple and not spectacular? After pondering this for a long time, I’ve come to the conclusion that I make and share images because that is what I do. On top of that, the people that visit here on a regular basis also like these images. Even better, the people that visit here that like these types of images are very cool! No kidding, when I talk to people that I’ve met through this site, we click immediately. So I’ve concluded that sharing these images and the many others I have shared over that last 4 years (some simple and some spectacular) is a good thing…no…it’s a great thing! Why, because I’ve met a lot of great people doing so. Thanks to everyone who visits here and allows these little adventures to be part of your day.