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Fallingwater – Part IV

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s adventure to Frank Lloyd Wright’s legendary Fallingwater house. It is an incredible place to visit. Beyond the home itself, the grounds are lush and beautiful. In the final installment I thought I would show you around the grounds a bit.


I can’t tell you what this is and I defiantly can’t tell you where it is. Well, I guess I could but I just wouldn’t feel right about it. This is a secret spot that a grounds keeper shared with me. I’ll will say very few people know about it and it is very far from the home.




If you do make it to Fallingwater, which I hope you do, make sure you add Kentuck Knob to your itinerary. It is only a short drive, across some beautiful countryside, from Fallingwater. It’s also surrounded by beautiful gardens and sculptures. Well worth the trip!


Kentuck Knob #Selfie

Fallingwater – Part III

Fallingwaters Stairs HDR

As I mentioned yesterday, Frank designed this really cool staircase to connect the two houses. The staircase itself mimics the form of the falls.

Here are a few links, full of interesting history, that you can use to plan you own adventure to Fallingwater….

Fallingwaters HDR

Fallingwater – Part II

Falling Waters HDR

Above the iconic Fallingwater home we saw in yesterday’s post, is the service quarters that doubled as a guest house. The two homes were connected by a meandering staircase inspired by the falls themselves. We’ll be taking a look at the stairs in tomorrow’s post.

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Fallingwater – Part I

Falling Waters HDR

Howdy! I hope everyone had a great weekend. As I mentioned last week, we’ll spending the week at Frank’s House. Yep…this is his house. This is Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwaters and we’ll be spending the week exploring it.

CLICK HERE to view the entire series!

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What’s Your Calling?

As much as I love Les Pauls and dream of playing lead guitar in a blues band, the soul of my playing is more closely aligned with playing a Telecaster in a space rock band. That same analogy can be applied to my photography. Something that resonates with my soul, that I don’t do nearly enough of is environmental portraits. Yep, I shoot and share a lot of landscape images, but deep down I’m a storyteller. Don’t get me wrong, I love all types of photography. It’s just that my muse speaks the loudest when I’m working with interesting and unique people bathed in natural light.

What about you? What’s your calling?