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Stage Stop

Stage Stop, originally uploaded by LightAsMagic.

The stage stopped, but time didn’t. The San Gregorio Stage Stop was just across the street from an interesting cultural crossroads. In the middle of this desolate region south of San Fransisco and inland from Hwy 1 was the town?, village?, two buildings of San Gregorio. The only other building was a book store / cafe / bar that catered to both the motorcyclists and bicyclists enjoying rides through the countryside. I have forgotten the name of the establishment, but it won’t be hard to find. It is well worth a quick trip inland for their signature spring water or some high-noon live music.

Did you notice the use of high efficiency light bulbs? The stagecoach was one of the early green vehicles.

For the photographers: I must say I am becoming an HDR addict. Not because of the dynamic range, but because of the micro texturing (possible new word for Webster 2010). It is impressionistic. Images become more how they felt and less how they looked.

Once HDRd and tone mapped, I made some minor adjustments in Photoshop and added the old school vignette to enhance the mood.

Also, I posted the full size image so you can see the detail in the textures. Just click on the image which will take you to flickr, then you can click on the link at the top that reads ‘all sizes’. There you can view the original size.