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Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain, originally uploaded by LightAsMagic.

This summer we traveled to San Mateo, CA to cheer my father (‘pops’) on in the National Senior Games Time Trial. He is a long time bike racer who not only generates 220 watts at his lactate threshold, but still does swing handstands on the parallel bars he built in his backyard. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he is 66. Those that know him aspire to be like him when they reach that age. Hell, those that know him aspire to be like him at any age. He truly is the man, the myth, the legend.

As for this photo, we were doing some forward recon on the TT course so we could review the race strategy. The sun was almost gone when we turned the corner and spotted this single cloud cradled in the hills. This particular image is an HDR produced from 5 bracketed images. It was a tricky piece of work. Initially I wished I had shot 9 images so I could have worked with a greater dynamic range to lighten the foreground, but after review I really came to love the look of this one, broad mono-toned layers leading the eye up to the lone misty mountain (where the spirits go now…..)