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Welcome Aboard. Would You Like Some Calories?

Welcome Aboard

After a long day of travel, we boarded the Coral Princess for an Alaskan cruise to celebrate my folk’s 40th wedding anniversary. It was a long day and I was a bit irritated. I had never been on a cruise before, and the minute we walked in I was trying to be ‘up-sold’ by a seemingly endless line of greeters. I’m normally a pretty positive guy and easy to get along with. However, I wasn’t interested in buying anything that was being sold. I was tired and awe struck my the 80’s Vegas style grandeur of the ship. All I wanted was to talk to the cruise director and find the lido deck. I do remember that one guy was trying to sell me a ‘bottomless’ mug I could use to get soda with at the buffet. Apparently soda wasn’t free on this cruise. You could stuff your face with every dish known to humanity, but if you wanted to wash it down with a Coke, that was going to cost you. The funny thing was, he told me the mug was like $70. WHAT! Yeah, apparently if you drink three 40oz Cokes day, it pays for itself. “Oh”, I said, “If I drink 1600 calories a day in soda, I make my money back?”. I left it at that and walked away. If for some reason, the guy selling me the bottomless mug of calories is reading this, I would like to pass along an apology for being a jerk. I’m normally not like that. I just don’t drink soda…….

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