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Big Blue Ship

Fun New Contest

Howdy! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Yeah, I know…it’s not the most creative name for this image. But what else would you call it? If you have a fun an unique idea for a title, leave it as a comment below. My favorite title wins something random from the studio.

Today’s Image

If you have ever been on a cruise, or visited a port where cruise ships dock, you know it’s like a showroom of massive ships. There are all sorts of beautiful vessels to photograph…that didn’t sound right. I had my choice of ones to photograph here in Skagway, AK. I’m pretty sure it was European.

The Marina and the Mountain

Juneau Marina

I hope you all had a great weekend! You know that project I started working on about a month ago? I thought I would be done by now…well, I’m not. Still hard at work, but I’m about 95% there. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Today’s Image

The marina in Skagway, AK had some pretty nice boats, as most marinas do. You can’t get a boat if you can afford the slip fee I guess. If I lived there, and could afford it, I would surely have a boat. Could you imagine setting out for a weekend to explore the glassy glacial waters of Alaska with nothing but breathtaking landscapes and island chains to guide you? Sounds like a good weekend to me!

p.s. Today’s my Birthday, so I will be missing tonight’s post. Don’t worry, we will be returning to the regularly scheduled program Tuesday. See you then!

Fish In A Barrel


Actually…fish in a pipe. Apparently, migratory salmon are easy picking for the harbor seals of Skagway Alaska. As I promised yesterday I was going to shift gears and post something a little different today. Nothing like a super cute seal to lighten your Thursday. This little gal would disappear for minutes at a time as she swam around the ship from yesterday’s post. Most of the time she would surface, fresh catch in her mouth, and then roll it around like a corn cob with her flippers. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m not a wildlife photographer, but I hope you enjoyed the change of pace and it put a smile on your face.

Capture Notes:

The Hull


In a previous post I wrote last year, I talked a bit about scheduling creativity. One of the ways I try to schedule up time for creativity is to plan photo-walks while traveling. The small port town of Skagway, AK was just the place. I knew it had a rich history and was going to be full of image opportunities. You can rarely count on the weather in Alaska, but it cooperated this day. We had an hour to wander aimlessly around the small town and get off the beaten path. It wasn’t until the end of our walk that we discovered this fantastic ship. I didn’t have too many compositional options, so I tried to emphasize its power with a very symmetrical perspective. I also punched up its ominousity (new word) by increasing the shadows and some selective desaturation adjustments. It was a great way to end our adventure in Skagway. Well…actually, the photo adventure ended right after I made this image with a ‘super cute’ photo. I will post that one tomorrow.

Thank You! I had the opportunity to judge a local high school photo contest tonight. It was tough! All the entries were amazing and I wish everyone could have won. It is inspiring to see that kind of talent at such a young age. Thanks for having me, and I wish you all the very best!

You can find the work of these talented young adults here.

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