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Living On The Edge

Telluride CO is to a landscape photographer, like a an exotic bird show is to a cat. Not only are the Grandscapes accessible, the food is great. This photo of the Bridal Veil House is a reminder for me to go back. Last time I was there I was mountain biking, hiking, and dining. I didn’t bring the photographer’s focus with me.

Nikon D1X
Nikkor 80-200 AFD 2.8

Photoshop (Levels Adjustment)
Nik ColorEFX (Tonal Contrast)
Nik Sharpen (Display adaptive 30%)

Tip-A telephoto lens isn’t only good for bringing the subject closer to you, it is a great tool for bringing subjects closer together. Shooting images with a telephoto lens will provide the effect of compressing the elements of the image. It the above image, you can see this compression effect adds drama to the scene as the cliff appears to be imposing on the house.