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Vancouver Skyline

It’s no secret there were a bunch of photographers showing up at this location to shoot the sunset in Vancouver. How did I find out about this photographer’s paradise? I asked the concierge. Whenever you travel, make sure to talk to the locals or a concierge at the hotel. Not only is a great way to find locations like this, it’s a great way to meet new people. Most of which are pretty cool! If you’re traveling to Vancouver, check out my free photo guide.

This is Crazy….This is Crazy…..


When I was processing this photo, I couldn’t help but think of Clark Griswold jumping into the hotel’s pool with Christie Brinkley. I’m not sure why, but I had a heck of a time lining up the pool with the building lines. I spent a good hour trying to correct it. After a while, I just decided that the architects of Vancouver are far more sophisticated than architects elsewhere. Obviously they are capable of designing crooked buildings or an angled pools. Either way, Clark would’t care, that was the last thing on his mind.

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The Still Of The Marina

The Marina

It wasn’t surprising that photographers gathered here to to make images of the beautiful Vancouver skyline. I stumbled upon this location after I spoke with the concierge at our hotel. If you find yourself in a new city, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You will probably walk away with a great location for a sunset shoot as well as the perfect dinner recommendation. I arrived on the scene early to scout out a good location. By the time I left there was about 20 other photographers gathered to share the moment. It was a beautiful sunset, but what I remember most about the evening was how still the evening was. It was still, the air was clear, and the tones were cool. That is how I will always remember this sunset.

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Good Morning Vancouver!

Good Morning Vancouver

Waking up to a sunrise is cool, but waking up to a sunrise in Vancouver is over the top. The city seems as though it is made of clean reflective glass that shines the sun back on the mountains that surround it. You know, if the sunrises are good, the sunsets are going to be just as cool. Later on that night I found they were.

If you are ever headed to Vancouver, I posted a quick travel guide that includes places to go, things to do, and an interactive photo-map. You can find it here.

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Welcome To Vancouver Spider-Man


At the time I was making this photograph, it really didn’t cross my mind. It wasn’t until I processed it that I started to think about Spider-Man. I’m not sure if it’s the architecture, the single glowing window, or the wide angle perspective, but I keep waiting for Spidey to come crawling down the wall. Is it me, or do you feel the same way?

New Travel Guide and Photo-map: I just finished up my Vancouver travel guide. It includes information about lodging, activities, an interactive photo-map, and a photo of the cutest dog you have ever seen. If you are headed to Vancouver, or know someone who is, you might want to check it out.

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