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Carlsbad Cavern – Part IV

Carlsbad Cavern Post Office

What else would you expect to find at the end of an adventure to the center of the Earth? You guessed it, a gift shop and cafeteria. Heck, you can even send your friends a postcard from down here. Also, after you’ve walked all the way down here, you just jump on the elevator to get take you back to the surface! I hope you enjoyed this stroll through Carlsbad Caverns. I highly recommend you visit.

Carlsbad Cavern – Part II

Carlsbad Cavern HDR

Once you enter the caver, it’s really had to describe just how large they are. It’s as if you entered a primitive arena. The three main chambers you pass through on the way to the ‘Big Room’ are all about the size of your local pro basketball arena. They are huge! I’ve never experienced anything like it before.

Carlsbad Caverns – Part I

Carlsbad Cavern Entrance

Let the adventure to the center of the Earth begin! No better way to start than with the entrance to Carlsbad Caverns. It’s quite a drive to get there, but well worth it. We’ll be spending the rest of the week exploring the caverns. We’ll end the adventure with a trip to a cafeteria that’s 800ft below the Earth’s surface.

Fallingwater – Part IV

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s adventure to Frank Lloyd Wright’s legendary Fallingwater house. It is an incredible place to visit. Beyond the home itself, the grounds are lush and beautiful. In the final installment I thought I would show you around the grounds a bit.


I can’t tell you what this is and I defiantly can’t tell you where it is. Well, I guess I could but I just wouldn’t feel right about it. This is a secret spot that a grounds keeper shared with me. I’ll will say very few people know about it and it is very far from the home.




If you do make it to Fallingwater, which I hope you do, make sure you add Kentuck Knob to your itinerary. It is only a short drive, across some beautiful countryside, from Fallingwater. It’s also surrounded by beautiful gardens and sculptures. Well worth the trip!


Kentuck Knob #Selfie

Fallingwater – Part III

Fallingwaters Stairs HDR

As I mentioned yesterday, Frank designed this really cool staircase to connect the two houses. The staircase itself mimics the form of the falls.

Here are a few links, full of interesting history, that you can use to plan you own adventure to Fallingwater….

Fallingwaters HDR