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Lightroom Presets For You

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We have been hard at work over at The Photo Frontier trying our best to bring everyone new and very affordable digital tools. If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve been doing here for the last several years, I would love it if you picked up a pack of our new Lightroom presets. They take a lot of work to make, but we try to keep the price low so everyone can get them. Running a digital store isn’t cheap, so your purchase would be a really big help. Also, if you could spread the word that would be huge!

Thanks so much,


The Presets

What good are these presets if we don’t use them ourselves? Here are a few examples of how we applied our newest pack of presets, ‘The 2013 Armandos’ to our own work.

Preset – Race

Lightroom Presets For The Movie Rush

Preset – Inside Luis Danish

Lightroom Preset for San Franscisco

Preset – The Lone Sheriff

Lightroom Movie Presets

Preset – Fairytale Witch Hunters

Lightroom Presets

Preset – Him

Lightroom Preset For The Movie Her

Preset – The Secret Adventurer

Lightroom Presets Walter Mitty

Preset – Blue Flower

Lightroom Presets Blue Jasmine

Preset – Kansas

Lightroom Presets for the movie Nebraska

Preset – Elysian Fields

Lightroom Presets For The Movie Elesyum

Preset – A Good Day To Take Photos

Lightroom Presets

Golden Gate Bridge

Fuji 55-200 Sample Image

Howdy! I hope you all had a great weekend. This week I’m thinking of continuing the adventure with the Fuji X system. I hope it’s not starting to sound like I work for Fuji…because I don’t. They have no idea who I am. I’m just excited about this new system because it’s light weight, small and more affordable. It’s a real joy to carry around and use.

Today’s Photo – Well, this is a scene I would never get tired of photographing. I could photograph it every day and never get bored. I love this bridge. Funny side note: While I was photographing this, a family of raccoons ran under my tripod.

Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point

As I sit here and import images from San Francisco, I thought I’d revisit some Moab imagery from earlier this year. This is the view from Dead Horse Point at sunrise. If you’d like to put it on your desktop, just click the image, click X3 and then right(PC) or CMD(mac) click and choose set as desktop background. I thought this image would make a nice desktop for you.

Night Time Travel


Help People Living With Parkinson’s Disease

If you can’t make it to the USA Pro Challenge this week, pick up my newest book and help people living with Parkinson’s Disease. This week I am donating a dollar from every book sold to the Davis Phinney Foundation which help people living with Parkinson’s Disease, live well.

The Dawn of America’s Race $9.99

The Dawn of America’s Race takes you from the press conference to the finish line of America’s greatest bike race. Photographer Justin Balog and professional cyclist and author Ted King joined forces to share a glimpse into the first two years of the USA Pro Challenge. Experience the race with over 100 never seen before images captioned and curated by Ted King himself. This book is beautiful, funny and like nothing that has ever been done before!

Today’s Photo

Almond Beach Resort Belize

Today we are looking at the Almond Beach Resort in Belize. It’s a single image stylized using Nik Software Color Efex Pro. I have found that night shots usually only require a single image because the ‘Highlight Recovery’ slider in Lightroom is very powerful. As long as I get details in the shadows, I can usually recover the highlights. Sure, I’m not going to recover the details in all the spectral highlights…but who cares about that?

First Shots With The Fuji 55-200

Fuji 55-200 Sample Image

Click Here for my full review of the Fuji 55-200

As I mentioned earlier, my love for the Fuji X system is growing. I have also mentioned that I have telephoto eyes. In Nikon terms, that is a single camera (Nikon D7000) and lens (Nikon 18-200). In Fuji terms, assuming you aren’t interested in the wide side, that is their new 55-200. If you are interested in the wide side, that means two bodies and two lenses. Which comes about to be about the same price because the Fujis are so much cheaper.

This is my first shot with that lens. I can say after spending a few days with it, it is crazy nice. OIS works, and works really well! The build quality is second to none. Seriously, it feels like a precision instrument. If you are into Jay Maisel, this would be his lens if he shot with Fuji. More on this lens and setup soon!

For those non-gear-geek folks who visit here, this image was shot at the Pullman Restaurant in Glenwood Springs CO. If you are ever up there, make sure to grab dinner. The food is amazing! Also, if you want to be the weird guy. Stand up at your table, rake a 200mm out to full zoom, point it at the table across from you and start shooting photos.