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Billy The Kid’s Grave

Billy The Kid's Grave

If you ever find yourself driving through ‘Nowhere’ New Mexico, stop by Fort Summers and visit Billy The Kid’s grave. If not, just read about it on Wikipedia and enjoy this image. There’s not much else there.

Photographer’s Note – I posted a HOW-TO video about this image over on a live Google+ On-Air hangout. If you are interested, you can watch it here.

Lucky Find

I have forgotten the name of this quaint little restaurant. I do know it is located in the small coastal town of Hopkins, Belize. It’s the kind of place your nose finds when you are out on a quiet stroll on the beach. The Chef came to our table and told us the ingredients he had on hand and proposed a few dishes he could whip up. That was new for me. The only time I get that kind of treatment is when I visit my mom’s kitchen. We asked to take his photo, which he agreed to, as long as we didn’t post it on the internet. He jokingly claimed he was a wanted man. Wanted or not, he made a great curry!

If you are headed to Belize, or interested in learning more about it, take a look at my free Photographer’s Guide to Belize.

Night Chilies

Chimayo Santa Fe Hotel

Have you ever been to Santa Fe, NM? It’s kind of a long weekend getaway for folks here in Colorado. Too far for two days, but perfect for three or four. It’s full of bright beautiful color and well worth the trip. I was still wired after a long day of traveling, so I decided to go shoot some photos late one night. Here’s a cool spot I found at the Hotel Chimayo. Great place at the price is right!

San Francisco Folks – I’m headed that way in a bit, do you have any must see, must do, must eat type of things you could share with me? I’d totally appreciate it.

Dinner With Friends

Yellow Brix Carlsbad New Mexico

Hope you had a great weekend! If we ever have dinner together, which actually happens quite a bit since I’ve met a lot great people who visit here, I’ll probably order dinner then we’ll have to go explore the restaurant to shoot some photos. Thankfully my family, friends and regular visitors here are cool creative people that enjoy photography. The Yellow Brix, pictured here, was a very cool discovery in New Mexico. I was pretty sure that in the middle of Haliburton country, we wouldn’t be finding a place like this. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Photographer’s Note – The is a two image blend using Photomatix Exposure Fusion that was further stylized using Nik Software Viveza and Color Efex Pro.

Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument

This is the view from the Colorado National Monument outside of Grand Junction, CO. If you are ever visiting, make sure you add an hour or two to you plan so you can take a little side-trip. In October, there is a bike ride that tours through it ( register here ). I’ll be there!

If you’d like to use it for your desktop, click the image to get a much larger version!

Photographer’s Note – I processed this image using the Photomatix 32bit HDR plugin (click here to get it). It’s a very slick tool for your workflow which allows you to generate 32bit HDR files, re-import back into Lightroom and then use LRs familiar Develop Module.