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Reflections On The Past

Nikon 18-200

If you remember last week’s adventure in Americana, I shared some ideas surrounding using non-pro gear to have fun and make images. Well, this was another shot from that adventure. The sun was setting, and noticed the windmill in the distance. I initially thought about compressing the image by zooming in on the horizon. However, just up ahead of me were the tire tracks you see here. They were leading me right in to the scene. So I decided to run up the road, get low and grab a quick hand-held shot. Now, if I was shooting anything but a non-pro super zoom…no way could I have made that compositional decision within the few seconds Mother Nature granted me. Again, the lesson is feel the flow and forget the gear!

Caribbean Skyline

Sorry about the delay today. I was at my cycling team’s training camp and I wasn’t about to pay the asking price for wi-fi. Wow that’s expensive…didn’t see that coming.

Today’s Photo – We are looking out over the Caribbean towards the skyline of Playa del Carmen. Total distance is about 11 miles. I often wonder if I could swim across the channel. Anyone out there swim an open ocean channel before?

Photographer’s Note – this is a single image processed in Lightroom 4. I’ve been working on some new thoughts about night photography. Once they are more coherent I’ll try and share them with you.

Haystack Rock

I’d normally check in and ask if you had a good weekend, but this has been a tough one. I really don’t know what to do or say other than continue on and try to be light for good. What I can say is that they are in my heart as I am sure they are in yours.

Today’s Photo – This is Haystack Rock off the coast of Cannon Beach, OR. I had always wanted to photograph it, and this summer I finally had an opportunity to. Have you ever photographed it? If you have, please leave a link to your photograph in the comments. I would love to see it!

Winter Book Club – Creativity & Awesome Prizes

The winter book clubs continues to roll on. We have given away some great prize from NIK Software, ThinkTank Photo, and Craft & Vision eBook. If you have been announced as a winner, but didn’t receive your prize PLEASE EMAIL ME! I want to make sure you get it.

  • Ryan – Won something from the Nik Collection
  • Scott – Won the card organizer from Think Tank
  • Rob – Won a free eBook from Craft & Vision
  • Pam – Won a free eBook from Craft & Vision
  • Mel – Won a free eBook from Craft & Vision

This week’s book: I think many of the folks participating in this year’s book club are landscape photographers so I decided this might be a good read for all of us. I hope you enjoy it! Portraits of Earth (by David duChemin)

Click here to get it!

Weekly Prizes: Each Monday for the next 5 weeks I will choose a book for us to read. Sometime that week leave a comment on that post about your favorite part. I will then choose a 5 random winners each week.

  • 1 person will win a Think Tank card organizer!
  • 3 people will win a free eBook!
  • 1 person will win software from Nik Software! (It could be Define 2.0, Color Efex 4, Silver Efex 2, Sharpener Pro, Viveza 2 or HDR Efex)!

Grand Prize!

This is the best part! At then end of the six weeks, I will choose 3 lucky winners that have participated regularly. Those winners will receive either a ThinkTank Retrospective 5 or Nik Software’s ‘Complete Collection‘ or every eBook Craft & Vision has ever published.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I tell you what, this lion had one heck of a view. Getting to watch the sunset over the Great Salt Lake every night would be quite a treat!

Book Club

I will have the final details for you on Monday when the Book Club officially launches, but for now I would like to thank our sponsors who believe that investing in creativity is a good idea. They came through huge!!!

Think Tank Bags

Every week we will be giving away a ThinkTank card organizer and at the end of the event, ThinkTank will be giving away a free Retrospective 5 to one lucky reader.

Nik Software

Nik Software will be giving away one of their individual products every week, and then the big daddy…at the end Nik will be giving one lucky reader the entire ‘Complete Collection’.

Craft & Vision

Craft & Vision is going to be giving away free books every week, and at the end of the club one lucky reader will get their entire collection.

The Green Flash

The Green Flash is something of lore. As the legend goes, when the sun sets behind the ocean, it illuminates the entire sea in single brilliant moment. I believe it, but have yet to experience it myself. Have you ever experienced the Green Flash?

Today’s Photo

Today we are looking directly west from the small island of Cozumel. In the distance are the shores of Playa Del Carmen.