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The Tour de France!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I was busy trying to get my gallery online to make it easier for you to buy a print if you see something you like. I’ll get to that later this week. For now… is that time of year again! I’m not much of a football guy, but it’s basically like watching the Superbowl ever yday for 3 weeks in July.

Today’s Photo is of Levi Leipheimer in the final time trial of the 2010 TDF. He is competing in this year’s tour, but because he was hit by a car earlier this season, his form is suffering. I hope he does well in today’s time trial, he’s a nice guy and I’d like to see him succeed.

Here is a movie I shot while visiting the Tour in 2010. You might have seen it, but I break it out every year around this time!

A Little French Town

La Mongie

Durning the month of July, the sleepy little ski towns of France come alive to welcome the greatest bike race on earth. It is a beautiful event witnessed my millions of people lining the steep mountain roads of the Pyrnees and Alps. If you ever visit the Tour de France and you’re not a cycling fan already, I guarantee you will return as one.

The French Can Throw A Party

Tour De France Party

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I thought my project was going to be wrapped up today, but it looks like I still have a week left. I’m very close though. I’ll keep you posted.

Today’s Photo
Every year in July, the ski towns of France open back up and throw one heck of a party. Fans and spectators from all around Europe gather in the Alps and Pyrenees to cheer on the riders of the Tour de France. On this night in the mountain town of La Mongie, young and old danced well into the night. Andy Schleck fans continued to party well into the morning, all the while chasing a wild donkey around town….but that’s another story.

Camping Cars of France

The Camping Cars Of France

It is that time of year again, the pro cycling season is underway. To celebrate, I thought I would share a common scene you will find if you ever decide to make your way to the Tour de France. The mountain passes are lined with thousands of RVs. Or as my European friends call them, ‘camping cars’. Fans will flock from all around Europe in these camping cars to cheer on their favorite riders. They arrive days in advance to get a good spot. It is a big party that lasts for days, and if you’re a cyclist, they will cheer for you as your ride by. You don’t know how many times a German, Belgian, or French family saved me by offering me food and water while I was out on a long ride. They just love their cyclists….even if you are a slow rider touring the countryside.

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Mellow Johnny’s

Mellow Johnny's

When I headed to Austin a couple weeks back, it wasn’t to go to the Salt Lick, or ACL, or get a new pair of boots at Allen’s. I went there to learn how to stand up paddle board from my friend Will, photograph the Stevie Ray memorial, and make the pilgrimage to Mellow Johnny’s. Mellow Johnny’s is Lance Armstrong’s bike shop in Austin. Apparently he has partners because I met one while we were out having some wine with friends, but if you ask any cyclist in the world about Mellow Johnny’s the answer is “it’s Lance’s bike shop”. Anyway, after only being in Austin for about an hour I was able to talk my friends into going there. They aren’t even cyclists and they thought it was cool. It’s complete with normal bike shop stuff, nostalgia from Lance’s record setting seven tour victories, showers that commuters can use before going to work, a complete spin facility, and the world famous Juan Pelota Cafe. It is more of a community hub for active people than a bike shop. I was really hoping to see Lance there so I could apologize for super fan(ing) him on a ride around Wash Park here in CO last spring. Turned out he wasn’t there manning the cash register, but the kind folks who work there let me walk around and make a couple images. If you are ever in Austin make sure to visit. I should probably tell you they also make a mean Nutella milkshake.

Here are a few other photos I made while wandering around enjoying my milkshake.