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There’s Gold In Them Hills

Crescent Valley Gold Mine

This is just a fraction of the gold mine near Crescent Valley Nevada. I believe they called this pit, the ‘Pipeline’ because the ore vein was discovered near an old water pipe. Now, the pit itself is over a mile long and several hundred feet deep. It produces….you won’t believe it….three million dollars in gold every Thursday!

Commuting To School

Hopkins Belize

You probably know by now, that I love bikes. I love riding bikes. I love everything about bikes! It makes me happy to see people around the world commuting by bike. Here in Hopkins, the bike is really the only form of transportation other than walking. Now that is my kind of town! Do any of you commute regularly on a bicycle? Is so, post some photos of your bike on the Facebook page and I’ll be giving away a bunch of free eBooks to some lucky winners.


Photographer At Delicate Arch

This is one of those luck moments that just fate decides for you. Luck for both of us. I photographed this gentleman as he hiked up to Delicate Arch with his wife. He was nice enough to pose for me. It seemed a bit late, but I figured they were chasing the blue hour. About 1/2 hour later, I ran into them again. It was pitch black and neither had a flashlight. They were a bit older and having a hard time navigating the terrain. So, I gave his wife my flashlight and my wife and I escorted them out. That’s how Karma is supposed to work I guess?

Photographer’s Note – This is a handheld shot with my Fuji x100s. The RAW file was brought to life using Lightroom 5.

Vester’s Rolleiflex


I met this camera up at Delicate Arch last month. The photographer behind it told me it was her grandfather’s and his name was Vester. I can’t tell you much more about it. Although it is a short story, I think it’s a pretty cool one.

Abandoned By The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake Urbex

The places you find in Salt Lake City Utah are pretty cool! This location is just south of the Great Salt Lake. I have no idea what was, but now it’s a photographer’s heaven. The only strike against it is that is smells an awful lot like dead fish. Other than that, it’s pretty neat.

Photographer’s Note – To account of the range of light in this image, I had to shoot 7 brackets and blend them together using Photomatix. I finished the stylizing off in Color Efex Pro.