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Exciting New Workshop

I’ve just launched a new workshop, and it’s only $19! To make it convenient for those around the world, it is online and self-paced. In the workshop you will learn how I processed all these images using a single piece of software…Snapseed for the desktop.

I have put a lot of work into it, and I would love to have you attend.

Sign Up Here:

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn how to impress all your friends with your amazing new images!
  • You will learn how to use all the features of Snapseed.
  • You will understand the creative decisions behind each and every enhancement.
  • You will learn how to use Snapseed as an external editor for Lightroom.

Reasons To Attend

  • Q/A – You can ask me questions directly…and yep, I will happily answer them.
  • iPad App – has a free iPad app so you can take all your courses along with you wherever you go!
  • Bang For The Buck – The techniques you learn here can be applied to Snapseed for the desktop, iPad, iPhone and Droids.
  • Self-Paced – Take your time, you will have lifetime access to the course and its content.
  • The Best Part – As long as you remain a student, you will receive free updates whenever I publish new course material.

I really look forward to teaching you!


Before/After Snapseed

These are the images we will be working through in this workshop. Not only will I show you every step I made, I will explain why I made it. The goal is teach you how to use Snapseed by exploring creative image enhancing.

iPhone Friday

Just so I don’t break my 150 week-long streak of sharing some iPhone Photographs every Friday, here is one I shot this weekend right after sunrise. I shall call it…Early Bird…(also edited with Snapseed)

Fall In Denali

I told you we had a little something for everybody this week. Yesterday a Mexican sunset, today…a Denali Moose.

New Workshop – Nov 3rd 10am-noon

Register Here iPad For iPhone Photographers

This class is part of our winter curriculum. When we can’t be outside making beautiful images, we hunker down in the digital darkroom to learn some neat new tricks. This class will teach you how to best capture images on your iPhone, easily transfer them to your iPad, and then edit your masterpieces on a much larger surface. Once we have our photos just the way we like them, we will learn how to quickly share your masterpieces with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, & Email.

The iPad Is The New Darkroom


  • It is intended for students of all levels.
  • All iPads are welcome. I, II, or III is fine.
  • Once you register, an email will be sent to you with links to the apps and files you need to download prior to the class.
  • All iPhones are welcome, even the ones you can’t talk to. However, they won’t be required for the class. The images we use will be downloaded ahead of time.
  • This class is all about having fun making images you are excited to share with the world!
  • Payment is via Paypal, even if you don’t have a Paypal account you can still make a CC payment safely and securely.
  • Cost: $50


If you have any questions, or a problem registering, don’t hesitate contacting us:

info at hossedia dot com


We will meet at The Desk Denver.

March iPhone Photography Classes

Make Images Like This With Your iPhone

iPhone Photography Workshop

I’ve just scheduled our March workshops! If you are in the Denver area, or don’t mind traveling, come join us for a fun day of learning all about iPhone photography!

About The Class

Never let a bulky camera or a bunch of dials get in the way of taking a great photograph again! In this fun two hour iPhone Photography workshop you will have a great time learning how to turn your iPhone into a loyal creative companion. Whether it is a trip to Paris, a family reunion, or just a walk in the park your iPhone will have you covered. In this class you will not only learn the basic principles of great photography, you will also learn how to use five of the most powerful iPhone Photography apps on the market. Finally, what good are great photos if you can’t share them? We will show you how to quickly and easily share your newly created masterpieces with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, & Email.

Click Here to find a class that fits into your schedule.

iPhone Friday

My trusty 3Gs finally gave up the ghost. Well, the speaker did anyway. It was replaced by the 4, but not the one you can talk to. I’m kind of glad about that. There is a good chance I would have spent the entire weekend asking Siri silly questions. Anyway, here the first photo from my silent companion.

iPhone Photography

A Field Trip For My Colorado Friends

I’m going to be running a iPhone Photography field trip on Feb 4th from 2 to 4pm starting at the Denver Public Library. Come learn how to turn your iPhone into a loyal creative companion in this fun two to three hour field trip.

The class is normally $119.00, but if you use the code MYPHONE you can get it for 1/2 off.

Click Here to register!

Fitness Challenge Update

Although I’m 1/2lb heavier than last week, I’m still Mr. Consistent when it comes to getting my work in. I have been focusing quite a bit more on Yoga. I hope it will not only improve my general core strength and balance, it will help to prevent injury as I approach the May. To combat my weight, I’m sticking to a pretty regimented diet…at least durning the week.

Morning – Oatmeal, Grapefruit, or Yogurt and coffee. Multi Vitamin, Fiber, Glucosamine Conjointin, Vit D.
10 am – Banana or some fruit and possibly a bar to get me ready for a lunch workout.
Post Workout Lunch – Veggie burrito from Chipotle (although, I’m considering changing this up??)
4ish – Walnuts or some light snack.
Dinner – Nothing regimented yet, but I try to avoid Mexican food, pizza, etc…. Generally, just something sensible.

LOTS and LOTS of water!

Then the battle begins to stave of my incessant desire to eat bowl after bowl of cereal right before bed. It is a nasty hard fought battle that I sometimes lose…but most of the time I win.

On Friday mornings however, maybe by the time you are reading this, I let myself eat a cinnamon roll from my favorite bakery.

Looking forward to hear how you all are doing!