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This is where 1/2 the magic happens! Below is a list of tools I am currently using. If things change I will update it accordingly. If you have any questions feel free to either leave a comment of drop me an email.



In The Mix These songs are in heavy rotation as I click my way to victory in the darkroom. If I owned a coffee shop, they would be in heavy rotation there as well. Full disclosure: If you purchase any of these songs by clicking on a link, I will make a small profit it on it. I think around $.04. Don’t worry, your cost will remain the same. So click away!!!

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  • Passion Pit - Manners - Moth's Wings Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings
  • Grant Lee Buffalo - Mighty Joe Moon - Rock of Ages Grant Lee Buffalo – Rock of Ages
  • Rasputina - The Lost & Found - Wish You Were Here Rasputina – Wish You Were Here
  • The Album Leaf - One Day I'll Be On Time - Asleep Album Leaf – Asleep
  • Buddy Guy - Skin Deep - Skin Deep Buddy Guy – Skin Deep
  • The Republic Tigers - Keep Color - Buildings & Mountains Republic Tigers – Buildings and Mountains
  • Spain - The Blue Moods of Spain - Untitled #1 Spain – Untitled #1
  • The Magnetic Fields - Get Lost - The Dreaming Moon The Magnetic Fields – The Dreaming Moon
  • Rokia Traoré - Bowmboi - Kele Mandi Kele Mandi – Rokia Traore
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Good Son - The Ship Song Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Ship Song
  • Powderfinger - Fingerprints - The Best of Powderfinger - These Days Powderfinger – These Days
  • Nick Drake - Way to Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake - Cello Song Nick Drake – Cello Song

Inspirational (occasionally diversional) tools

  • Gibson Les Paul
  • 20 Watt Tweed Deluxe (I built from a kit)
  • Assorted effects pedals


  1. Richard (oldhickory) says:

    Hey Justin…. my computer died and was wondering what your thoughts are on 64-bit windows 7? I know CS4 will work and I think Topaz and onOne Photo Tools will work. Not sure about NIK.

    I like stuff that works and my concern is that 64-bit stuff might be problematic now and then.

    I’d sure appreciate any input you might have.

    • Howdy Hickory. Responded via email. Let me know if you have any more questions.

    • Rob Follett says:

      I have no idea what Justin said in a private reply, but here’s the scoop from a Windows user.

      NIK was annoyingly slow in supporting Win 7 64. Topaz and OnOne were both good. NIK has now upgraded their multi-core processor used by most/all of their products, and they have full support for Efex Silver, Color, HDR, & Viveza. I don’t believe Dfine has been released, but I prefer Topaz’ Denoise5 regardless. Also not sure about Sharpener Pro, But they all work out of LR 3.2 in 64bit.

      It took until last month — a year plus of missing some plug-in’s — but everything is good now!
      (Now I wonder if NIKON has given up on software for their film scanners — but that’s a different question)

      In summary — you would be safe with these plug-in’s on either 64bit platform.

      — Rob

  2. Richard (oldhickory) says:

    Hey Rob.. thanks for the feedback.

    I didn’t realize CS5 would install both versions (32 and 64 bit) and anyway, I thought I’d be stuck having to run everything in 64 bit mode because my machine is 64 bit. I’ve since figured out that you can just run PS in 32 bit mode and then all my old filters work great (NIK, Topaz, Color Efx, and onOne). I guess I could start using PS in 64 bit mode at some point but I’m real happy with how all this stuff runs in 32 bit. Super smooth and pretty fast.

    Thanks again for the info.


    • Rob Follett says:


      Yep, you can do everything you suggest… But with one exception: If you start your workflow in LR, and you have a 64bit machine, LR will be in 64bit only. While some 32bit plug-in’s will install directly into LR, anytime you click on CS5, you will load the 64bit version — not what you want.

      I could never find a way to get around that with Win 7. Now that NIK has pretty much caught up with 64bit support, I can avoid the problem, above.

      — Rob


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