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Below is a listing of my personal gear, and the various configurations it takes on. If you are looking for gear buying guidelines, as well as some basic gear recommendations, check out Justin’s Official Gear Guide.

#1 Kit – The best kit is the one you have with you right? So I try not to burden myself with fixed zooms, big bodies, and 10lbs tripods. Sure, if I have a specific image in mind, working out of my car, or hiking to a remote destination to photograph a herd of unicorns I might take some bigger glass and a backup body. However, for most of my work I take this kit with me 75% of the time. It goes everywhere with me (running errands, commuting to work, family functions, etc). It also serves as a well rounded travel companion. The kit is light, modular, and doesn’t get in my way. I fashioned a shoulder strap to my tripod so it can hang from one shoulder, and my Lowepro from the other. It is easy to work out of and because it is light I can comfortably operate with it all day.

***Unless otherwise noted, everything listed below is in the bag at all times, just waiting for inspiration to strike!

Constant Carry Lenses





Support For a complete review click here

Variable Gear





  • Nikon SB900
  • Nikon SB600
  • Reflectors

Go-Lite Run/Hike/Bike Kit – When I’m out on a run, a Go-Lite hike, or a bike ride I am packing an full HDR capable kit including a tripod and a couple thousand songs (iPods are amazing). My camera of choice is the Panasonic Lumix LX5. You can find my review of it here. For support, I pack a Gorillapod SLR Kit.

Lumix LX5 and Gorilla Pod

One of my favorite cameras.

I often get asked where I buy my gear. That is easy! I buy all my gear here, and have for over 10 years.

Lastly, here are some images I have made with my gear over the years…..

Approaching Denali Part V

Fabian Cancellara


A Backdrop To Sprawl

Good Luck Lance!

Caribbean Castle



  1. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for stopping over at my site. Didn’t know anyone was watching :D. You have an interesting place here. I will link up.


  2. Love the photos! Really great to see such a great photo of Lance Armstrong. How about posting a photo of you on your bike!

  3. Jim Masur says:

    your photos are just fantastic.. good work.

  4. Very nice photos, really liked your work.

  5. Hi, really enjoyed your photos. I am currently thinking of getting Nikon D7100 and have a beginners budget. My current lens thoughts are Nikon 18-200 VR II but I read in a review by Thom Hogan that this lens is really for lower pixel cameras like D7000. I am also thinking of the recommended 35 mm f1.8 lens. I wish I won the lottery and bought the 24-120 f4 lens but it is out of the reach. Can you recommend a nice lens combo. I love to shoot portraits, some low light, and landscapes. Is 16-85+70-300 a good combo? Thanks so much.

  6. Dear Justin
    Pleased to see your work on your website. Glad to know that you use D700. It’s a great camera to have, but I could never take full advantage of its potential, as you have. It’s true that it’s the man behind the camera who creates great photos,,, I am impressed.


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