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Guest Book

I am always on the lookout for other artists (authors, photographers, musicians, contortionists, etc..). I try my best to mention them in posts, or add them to the ‘Great Eyes’ section of the site. However, the internet is a big place. If you are an artist, and want to add a quick comment as to where we can find you, please take a second to do so. Make sure to leave a link to your website, Flickr photostream, Twitter account, Facebook page, etc….

Twitter List: I curated a Twitter list of those that have signed the guest book. You can find them atFriends of I hope you enjoy these quick witted artists as much as I do!

Even if you’re not on the web and just want to leave a comment or friendly word about, you can do that too. Positive feedback is always appreciated.

As always, thanks for visiting!

Let me start….


  1. Name: Justin
    Google+: Plus
    Twitter: @justinbalog
    iPhone Photography:

    I might be a bit biased, but I really dig

  2. The guest book is a nice addition to the site.
    It will be fun to follow your adventures with Mr. Nightingale. Does it include a trip to his homeland?
    Thanks to our mutual friend Fred Mast for getting me here. And a special thanks to you for providing such great educational content on your website. I look forward to every new post.

  3. I am really enjoying your site – love iPhone Friday and your HDR images are incredible. The variety is what brings me back.

    By the way, I tried to throw a little support your way via an iTunes purchase of one of your playlists (May, I think) but it couldn’t be purchased from the Canadian iTunes store.


  4. Will Shanken says:

    Really like your photos your comments and your tips.

  5. is a favorite stop on my daily morning tour of the Internet. I love your uninhibited pursuit of all kinds of photography. The processing tips are quite helpful. You are on the right track.

  6. Rick the Lawyer says:

    This site is great Justin. I appreciate the screen casts showing how you get from point A to point B.

    Name: Rick

  7. Hey Justin,

    Thanks for letting me know about this Guest Book, Justin. I love Light As Magic – you do a fantastic job sharing very helpful tutorials and screencasts. Keep up the awesome work!

    Name: Brian Matiash
    Twitter Handle: @brianmatiash

  8. Love the site, Justin! Your work is awesome and your tutorials are the most descriptive and easy to follow along with HDR tutorials I have found yet.

    Facebook: Matty Wolin
    Twitter: @ShutterRunner

  9. Light as Magic is a great site, always something interesting. :)

  10. Great site and I particularly enjoy the processing info you give with your images. Don’t want to miss it so I’m signed on for your e-mail notifications!

    Name: Howard Grill



  11. Love the site and information!

    Saundra’s Photography
    Shakopee, MN
    Serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa
    Phone: 612-237-1730

    Capturing your Moments
    Focusing on Equine Shows and Events, Pet Photography and Pre-deployment Photos for Soldiers and Family

    Proud Member of Operation Love ReUnited

    Also follow us on:
    Facebook Photography Page
    Linked In

  12. Always a joy to read your posts Justin.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. I don’t remember how I found your site initially, but I’m finding it very interesting, informative, inspirational, all that good stuff. Keep up the hard work! (And, your latest iTunes list is always worth checking out!)

    Also have a blog… …about my own adventures in photography.

  14. Penelope Taylor says:

    Hey Justin! Thanks for going big Big BIG !!! I appreciate the time you put into and your blog. Your time is a precious gift to us all. Thank you!

    Been following Justin since we met Oct 09 at The Broadmoor and a Bob Krist workshop. His HDR work inspired me to investigate the technique further and Justin has been a patient and responsive teacher to my questions.

    My photography is my santcuary and one of many creative outlets for me; pondering a website and blog, but not motivated to sell my work.
    Twitter: @pentaylor

  15. I’m a brazilian photographerand I have followed your work and I think it’s wonderful. I’m learning a lot every day with you. Cheers

  16. Hey Justin – I’m really enjoying following you via your blog. Take a look at my website, go to the portfolio page and scroll about halfway down to see my Blue Bear interpretation, HDR. You and I talked some time ago when I was selling one of my cameras. My camera trip has been, two Coolpix models, Nikon D50 to D2X to D300, now to D90 and my walkin’ around camera, a D40 on which I keep a 35mm f1.8 prime lens. Keep up the great work. PS – I’ll be seeing Dan & Jen Grube at our Evergreen Wine Group Food & Wine gathering on Saturday.

  17. I only have a few select websites bookmarked. This one has just been added to that illustrious cabal.

    Keep up the great work!


  18. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for all the help getting me started with my website – it is very much appreciated. Now it is time to start taking some pictures.

    Also, thanks for sharing the details on the HDR images – I seem to really struggle with these but have gotten better since discovering your site.

    Keep the images coming!



  19. Justin,
    Nice work. Thanks for the email.
    Best regards,

  20. Romaine Bata says:

    Thanks for this beautiful and interesting sight…you have a real way with your photo’s.
    Keep them coming!!

  21. Dear Justin
    It was nice meeting you during our cruise to Alaska, I stepped down into your site and I found it amazing, I`m sure that your tips posted here will help me to improve my photos. I`ll send you some soon.
    Kind regards from Mexico

  22. Hi Justin
    Sure is a pleasure knowing you as one who shares his knowledge.From a request for an original image which was speedily sent to this in less than an hour only goes to show your willingness to share info,of course it cuts both ways in that others are more willing to return the favor.Your images are superb as well,really appreciates the tips and tutorials.
    Keep the spirit flowing..

  23. Justin,

    Great site, especially the video tutorials. And thank for giving the rest of us a place to comment and leave a trail to ourselves. Keep up the fantastic work.


    Twitter: @toddlandryphoto

  24. The site is a wonderful adventure into Photography. I enjoy browsing through the content.

  25. Very nice blog. I will be looking forward to your posts.

  26. Didn’t realize you had a guest book. Enjoy your posts. Hopefully someday we’ll meet.

  27. I love your site and your photo style.
    I also like that you include what did you use in post-processing in your photos.

    Twitter: @munshun

  28. Such a wonderfully diverse portfolio of fantastic photos! I’m looking forward to reading more excellent posts!

  29. Great pics!

    Twitter: @EricRiveraAZ

  30. Nice shots.

  31. Just discovered you site.
    I love your pictures.
    Thanks for sharing them.
    I plan to visit you.

  32. Awesome blog, I linked you up on my site, my readers would get kick out of this. Awesome stuff, keep up the kick ass blogging Justin!

  33. Hi Justin. Thanks for the invite you sent me to this Guest Book (which came in weeks ago – I procrastinate sometimes). Great stuff, and the video tutorial on using Silver Efex Pro on color images was a real eye opener.
    My info is as follows:
    Name – Mark Garbowski
    Amateur photographer with emphasis on street photography and HDR, based in NYC.

  34. I enjoy your images and write-ups.

    twitter: @frankkendralla

  35. Been following the Twitter and RSS streams for a while. Great work!

    I’m at: | |

  36. Recently discovered your excellent blog. Great photography and interesting articles. Keep up the great work!

    Twitter: @deanbouchard

  37. Big fan of the site. Especially the articles.

  38. Ayub Estephan says:

    Im enjoying your site. Thank you, very much.

  39. Hey Justin, I have enjoyed and learned so much from your super blog. Thank you – jimmy


  40. The new site looks fantastic, Justin. Congrats on making it happen….

  41. Justin – just received my Pro-Cycling calendars…. could you please send me the monthly list of where/who each picture is. The calendars are gifts and I am not sure my relatives will know each rider/team/etc…. I love the pictures but just need more info in there – I only know some of them. For example, where is the first shot taken?
    Thanks – Julie (Boulder, CO)

  42. awesome blog, love the styling and the extras set it aside. found you following a link from Bob Lussiers blog and glad I clicked it.

  43. Like your site and would love to know more about who does it and how to make mine suck much less.

  44. Hi Justin,
    How do you keep up with all this? I try to read your blog, look photos I follow on IG, return commons on my photos, look through my photos, etc. I cannot keep up.
    I put my comments on your iPhone Friday. Hopefully it is on. How do I thank each of them. Now I cannot find where the comments are. p.s. I am not a girl any more. Wish I were. My son is in college. I now have time to do what I like to do. My friend saw the photos I posted on FB and said I was good, which gave me some confidence. “Discovering” IG a few weeks ago really got me hooked. It is addictive.
    Thank you Justin. I am having so much fun in taking pictures!!!!!!!

  45. dear justin,
    thank you so much for the wonderful webinar today. everything was great about it.
    pace, demonstration, usefulness, etc.

    i am having trouble finding how to go about that purchase for the snapseed software…i am totally sold on it after seeing your demonstration….i was under the impression there is a discount for those of us who attended today? can you please help me to order this, with the discount? thanks!

  46. I just discovered this website, and it’s awesome on so many levels. I’m late to the party, I know… I can’t wait to dig in!

  47. Thought it was about time that I stopped pokin around and said hello. The Bull Riders is still my favorite essay. Great reviews, especially liked the 28-300VR review… my favorite travel/ backpack lens. Some fabulous tips and tricks too… thanks for sharin Justin!


  48. william hickman says:

    as a lover of Cozumel I like your pictures. when we are there we stay on the south end we have not been for a few years ,hope to move there soon


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