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Howdy, and welcome to’s center for creative education and inspiration! Because this site is in large part about inspiring others to discover the creativity inside themselves, I try my best to share tips and tricks I learn on my own creative journey. You will always be able to find my latest video tutorial and links to archived ones on this page. Consider this your creative learning hub. The few times a month I post new videos I will let you know on Facebook, Twitter (@Justinbalog), and G+.

Featured Video

Here’s a quick look at how I performed the processing of this image using Lightroom 4.

Post Processing Videos

  • ( Watch )Mesa Arch – Getting the most out of a Moab icon with Photoshop CS6.
  • ( Watch ) Bob Ross The HDRist – Learn how to use Nik Silver Efx Pro to enhance the character of your color images.
  • ( Watch ) Adventures In iPhone Photography – Watch all my iPhone Photography videos here.
  • ( Watch ) 2001 Wine Odyssey – Learn how to use Nik Tools to make a wine cellar Hal would be proud of!
  • ( Watch ) Going Double Wide – If that Airstream trailer is too long, learn how to photograph a panorama of it.
  • ( Watch ) Kubrifying Room 217 – Learn how to use Nik Color Efex Pro to Kubrify the real ‘Room #217’.
  • ( Watch ) Sunsets And Lakes – Extend the dynamic range of your images using onOne Software’s Photo Tune 3.

Behind The Scene Videos – Go ‘Behind The Scene’ in this series of videos shot on location.

  • ( Watch ) Ecola State Park, OR – Go behind the scene.
  • ( Watch ) Photographing The Flat Tops – Go behind the scene.

Justin’s Approved Learning

There is a wealth of great online resources to help you realize your own creative vision. Trying to decide where to invest your time and money can be overwhelming. These are the resources that I personally use and recommend.

Ethics Note: I am an affiliate of some of these companies, so when you use any of these links, I do make a small amount of money which helps me continue to deliver the free content above. However, before I was an affiliate I was already a paying customer (and still am). I wouldn’t list anything here if I didn’t believe they helped me develop as an artist.



The iBookstore is full of great stuff, including a few books I wrote. You can pick up my book ‘Big World Little Lens – The Complete Guide to iPhone Photography’ for your iPad right here. In this book you’ll learn everything you need to know about taking great photos with your iPhone so you’ll never miss a moment again.

Get it for your iPad (click here to find it in iTunes)

Get it for other devices @ (click here)

Big World Little Lens - Justin Balog

Big World Little Lens - The Complete Guide To iPhone Photography

Flatbooks (link)

Flatbooks offers a great collection of books at very reasonable prices. The thing I love about Flatbooks is that they aren’t limited to photography. There are books about goal setting, lifestyle, and even one about body painting. Don’t get me wrong, there are a bunch of amazing photography books as well. Click Here to view them all.

Flatbooks - Clever eBooks for the Curious Mind

Favorite eBooks From Flatbooks

  • Click To View The Complete Collection (Awesome Deal!) by Trey Ratcliff
  • Click To View Photographing the Fourth Dimension – Time by Jim Goldstein
  • Click To View The Fine Art of Painting With Light by Ben Willmore

Craft & Vision (link)

Very simply put, these books are amazing and they are only $4.99! You can’t go wrong with any of them. Click Here to view them all.

Favorite eBooks From Craft & Vision

Online Training & Videos

Trey Ratcliff produces some of the finest HDR images the world has ever seen. He also offers a comprehensive video that outlines exactly how he does it. I own the videos myself and have re-watched them many times. Great stuff!

Click Here to find out more. Use the CODE: HOSSEDIA to get a 10% discount!

Take your travel and landscape photography to the next level with this awesome offering from Trey Ratcliff. You’ll learn a lot, but you’ll experience New Zeland like never before!

Click Here to find out more.

If you are new to photography, or considering getting started this is the video series for you. The video not only introduces you to the basics of photography, it helps you forge your own creative style. It’s a whole new way to learn photography!

Click Here to find out more. Use the CODE: HOSSEDIA to get a 10% discount! is by far the most comprehensive online resource of learning all things photography. Two new videos are added every week and cover topic ranging from photographing sports and weddings to getting the most out of your images with post processing. There is a lot to be learned here and I can’t say enough about it. It is AWESOME and worth every penny!

Click Here to find out more.

Learn Photography Online with the Pros Save $10 Now #KTCJQ12

David Nightingale is one of my favorite photographers. He is also a fantastic instructor. His site,, is an incredible source for learning. He offers everything from tutorials, videos, mini-psds to reviews, critiques and screen casts. He not only answers the ‘HOW’ question, he answers the ‘WHY’ question. This separates his training from more traditional tutorial based sites. It is awesome!

Click Here to find out more.

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  1. Shannon Matt says:

    Hey Justin,

    I took your AWESOME iPhone photo class last year and loved it. My staple app for editing is Snapseed. It’s bordering on an addiction…;).

    So two questions for you:
    1. Do you offer a DSLR photography class (beginner)?
    2. Do you offer a “nitty gritty of Snapseed” class?

    I’ve figured out most everyone about Snapseed based on how it looks. However, that doesn’t really help with the actual how and why I’m doing what I’m doing. And definitely doesn’t translate over when using other photo editing apps/software. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, keep everything coming! Love what you do and love that you share it with the world!


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