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As you know, I really believe in sharing the beauty of this world. It is actually a founding tenant of this site. That being said, I still need to cover the costs of creating images and sharing them. If you’d like to use one of my images, the licensing breakdown is pretty simple!

All work is licensed as ‘Creative Commons Non-Commercial’.

Creative Commons License

You are free to share my work with others as long as you aren’t making money and you reference both Justin Balog (me) and provide a link to

Example: This image was created by Justin Balog @

Commercial License

We also provide commercial licensing. Our licensing model is based on several different factors including distribution, media type, duration, etc. We work with companies of all sizes. If you have a commercial request, please contact:

info @

We will dial in a licensing model we can both be happy with.

Looking forward to partnering with you!




  1. Jovelino says:

    Congratulations for the very good work and for sharing how to do.

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