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My name is Justin Balog and welcome to my humble corner of the internet. I publish one of my photographs along with its story every weekday. My camera and I are usually out and about on the weekends. My goal is simple: Share the beauty of the world as I find it, and help others tell their own photographic story. Because there is already enough bad news in the world, I decided to start my own ‘GOOD’-Newsletter. It is totally free, comes out monthly(ish), is chock-full of my best images (like this one of Bordeaux, France), and other inspiring or beautiful finds.

Bordeaux Nights

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What To Expect

You can expect to receive a handcrafted newsletter once a month. Each one will be chock-full of my favorite photos, a free computer desktop, inspired internet finds, a few song recommendations, and last but not least….news! Don’t let that scare you away. I promise it will be good news focused on adventure, art, and creativity. Basically, it’s a quick update about what is happening over at Below are some examples of what to expect.

Inspiring Discoveries

  • If you love the sea, you will love this gallery of incredible images.
  • Cyclists, in case you missed Paris-Roubix, you can get a full recap via @Grahamwatson here.
  • I put together a completely free iPhone Photography tutorial here. The goal: To help you make beautiful images you are excited to share with the world.

Free High Resolution iPad Wallpaper

New Movie: (I won’t always have a movie, but when I do ‘Good’-Newsletter subscribers will see it first!)

My Favorite Photos

Approaching Denali Part V

The Broadmoor Escalator Print

Where I Run



On Otter's Wings

Fabian Cancellara


  1. Wow..I love love love this site. Thank you for all the great info you have here. I love to take pictures and each time I get some good and some not so good but that is just how it is. After getting my iphone (4s) I started to use it for some of the everyday out and about pictures, then discovered Apps and now I play all the time. I still love my Nikon D60 but it is a lot to carry around. Thanks to my sister asking for some help in finding her a camera – I also have a Nikon Coolpix 510!

    Again most often I use my phone but then again it is always with me. Signed up for the news letter and for sure will be here often. Lots for me to read and such … again thanks so much for this site!

    Your photo’s are absolutely do have an eye!

    • Thanks so much Marcie. I really appreciate the kind words. Hopefully you can find some inspiration and information here that will help you fuel your own creative adventure!

      Have a great journey….


  2. Looking for the Udemy signup?

  3. Best Photos, however, Justin. Thank you for your Website, i visite this page everyday. Thanks for your help everyone. My english, Justin, you know… ;-)

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