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It’s A Classic

Nicaragua Tour

While we were shopping for hot sauce in Nicaragua (I’m a hot sauce connoisseur) I stumbled upon these guys. In my best Spanish, I politely asked if I could take a photograph. In his best English he replied….’Sure, it’s a classic’.

A Stormy Sea

Howdy everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. While I continue to work on the project I was telling you about last week, I decided to take a quick break and go through the archives. Which, to my surprise, contained this photo. I made this image years ago on the far southern coast of California. I’m not sure why I hadn’t taken notice of it earlier. Maybe it’s my current state of mind that brought it out of the archives. It could be that inside me is a creative storm that continues to push breaking waves towards a distant shoreline, slowly changing its features forever. Or, I just forgot to tag with the proper meta data and it slipped through the cracks. Either way, I’m happy I found it!

It will be a short week here as I’m trying to finish a new book on the Fuji X system, but I should have a story or two to share in a few days.

A Jungle Lodge

Earlier this year I headed down to Belize to do some work for a client. Rarely do I ever share client work on the site, but I thought this one might be interesting to you. The assignment was pretty large and covered a lot of bases. Everything from food photography to tours, rooms and staff portraits. It was my first significant outing with the Fuji X system in a large-scale commercial space. The system performed flawlessly. One thing I worried about was its ability to achieve the HDR look the customer was seeking. However, with some manual bracketing it wasn’t a problem. Today’s image was a product of that method. If you have any other questions about the system let me know.

Sea Birds

No joke, these birds flew along side our ship for an entire day. I’ve never seen anything like it. They would start at the ship’s stern, then slowly work their way up to the bow. The entire time, flying only a few inches above the water as they hunted small fish. They are common to the Pacific Ocean along the shipping routes near Panama. After flying with us for 24 hours, they were gone. Apparently they joined a ship headed back south.

A Creative Hot Mess

Howdy everyone!

I feel like I need to explain myself a bit. There is a lot going on with me right now. Not only am I exploring new opportunities and projects, my creative muse it taking me in entirely new directions. I’m finding beauty and inspiration where I used to not find it. And at the same time, where I once found it seems lifeless and lacking in meaning. In short, I am creative hot mess right now. As I sort through these ideas and emotions, I feel I need to share them with you. Not only do I hope others can learn from my own experiences, I hope others might be able to help me through this time in my creative life.

What I am wrestling with right now is the idea of creative projects. I know my best work, my most inspired work, originates in projects. And right now I am working on one of the largest creative projects I have ever assigned to myself. The Typology of Cozumel Scooters with just the tip of a very large iceberg. There is no question I am inspired by it. I am. However, I am also consumed by it. I’m not a creative multi-tasker. At least not a good one. If I’m focused on one project, that project will be best served if I don’t share my muse with other projects. As I work through this project I will share new lessons as they are revealed to me. Until then, I’m curious to hear your thoughts about project work. Any wisdom would be much appreciated.

Today’s Photo – I recently made a transit through the Panama Canal, and this was one of the most amazing sunsets I had ever witnessed. It happened in a small port town of Costa Rica. It is a jpg straight from the camera. If you are interested, I filed a field report over at The Photo Frontier about it.