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Topaz Labs – DeNoise 5


I was excited when Topaz Labs announced (official release date is Monday Aug. 2nd) an update to their DeNoise tool. I use several Topaz Lab tools, including Adjust and Detail, quite a bit in my workflow, but I rarely used previous versions of DeNoise. However, when they announced DeNoise 5, I thought I would give it a run. Normally, if my image requires any noise reduction, I usually preform it right after generating the HDR/Tonemapped image and prior to any Photoshop work. In this image, after generating the HDR/Tonemapped .tiff, I brought it into photoshop, duplicated the base layer, and ran DeNoise 5 against it. Here is a quick list of things I found.

  • Presets – I like software that offers its users a good starting point. Topaz DeNoise offers a couple of .jpg and RAW presets. In this image (a 16bit .tiff) I started off with the ‘RAW – Moderate’ preset. From there I experimented with a couple sliders and quickly found a level of noise reduction I was happy with.
  • Ease of Use – The new DeNoise 5 interface follows the most recent release of of the product suite. It seems pretty straight forward, and ease to dial in.
  • Preview Click – Like many tools, DeNoise allows you to click the image while you are making adjustments to quickly toggle between the original and processed images. This makes dialing in the settings you want a breeze.
  • Speed – I’m not a numbers guy, but it seemed pretty quick.
  • iPhoto – Topaz tools work with iPhoto, which every Mac owner has. Totally cool!

Here is the before image:


Here is the after image: (the volume control is not a feature. I was adjusting the background tunes)


This image had quite a bit of Noise in the sky. DeNoise 5 handled it pretty nicely, without much processing fuss. I have always liked Topaz products because of their power and price point. DeNoise 5 seems to be a welcome upgrade to their suite of products.

You can find out more about Topaz Labs and their entire suite of products here:

Give the 30 day trial a run and see what you think. If you decide to buy it, you can use the coupon code LIGHTASMAGIC to receive a 15 percent discount on any purchase form Topaz Labs.

Here is a quick video featuring DeNoise 5

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