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Greetings, and welcome to! Before we get into what the site is all about, its features, content, and ways to stay up to date, I want to sincerely thank you for visiting. I hope you find something you like!

A Little Something For Everyone:

  • For the Non-Photographer – Looking for a bit of levity in your day? You have come to the right place. I do my best to post an image and accompanying story every weekday. I normally take the weekends off. If you think an interesting image and humorous story might improve your day check back tomorrow, or simply sign up for email updates (make sure to check spam box if you miss your subscription confirmation).
  • For the Non-Photographer (who doesn’t know they are a photographer yet.) – I love photography! It is one of the greatest ways to connect to the moments in your life. If you have ever considered joining the ranks of millions across the world, I hope this site might provide that extra little spark.
  • For the Photographer – Whether it is answering questions, How To, reviews, or capture/processing notes, I try my best to share what I find along the way. I feel that sharing what I find along the way might be able to help others realize their own vision. Others have helped, and continue to help me, so I hope that I can return the cosmic favor.

My Commitment to You

I intend to provide both useful information and meaningful inspiration to those that visit this site on a regular basis. Or, at the very least, I hope to provide a scenic stop on the internet and stir up your creative muse. If you have questions or comments about any of the images feel free to contact me directly or simply post a comment. I have always been an advocate for transparency in process (prior to it being vogue) and I am more than happy to share anything that will help you and your creative vision. Others have shared with me so hopefully I can return the cosmic favor.

An Example Of The Images I Post Every Weekday: These are a few of my favorites!

Approaching Denali Part V

The Broadmoor Escalator Print

Where I Run


Content: Other than the daily(ish) posts, there are a couple recurring items to watch out for.

  • 1) Tutorials – If I find something that might be useful to others, or I receive a lot of questions about a specific images, I will try to put together a quick video/tutorial on how I processed the image. You can find the all my learning resources here.
  • 2) iPhone Friday – First there was the wheel, then there was sliced bread, then there was the iPhone. I post the week’s collection of iPhone images every Friday. It is a great way to recap the week and get ready for the weekend. To follow my iPhoneography in real-time, you can visit my site dedicated solely to the creative possibilities of the iPhone, .
  • 3) Links (and the like) – On Friday I also like to add a couple of links to things of interest that I have found durning the week. It may or may not be photography related. Hopefully it serves the purpose of informing and inspiring.
  • 4) Guests – If you run a blog as long as, you get to meet a bunch of great people. I try to coordinate the occasional guest post on the site so you can enjoy the inspiration these folks have to offer. You can find information about these great artists here.

Direct Links: Don’t feel like navigating the site, here are some links to get you started!

Daily Desktops

Here is a quick video on how you can use the images found on the site as your computer’s daily desktop.

Ways To Stay Up To Date: There are quite a few ways to follow what goes on behind the scenes here at, so it can be overwhelming. I make sure to share new posts with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ so that I can account for everyone out there. However, if you have question, ask it on any of the social sites and I will make sure I get it answered.

  • 1) Bookmark the site and visit it – I try to post a new image, associated capture/processing notes, relevant tip, and the story behind the image every weekday. Sometimes, my schedule gets the best of me and I have to miss a day or two.
  • 2) The ‘Good’-Newsletter – There is enough bad news in the world already, so I decided to put together a monthly(ish) ‘GOOD’-Newsletter. There will be plenty to explore and share. Best of all, its totally free! Sign Up Here.
  • 3) Twitter – You can follow me on Twitter here. Like email, whenever I post a new entry, a Tweet is sent out with a link to the post. Unlike email, I will Tweet on location images, inspiring or noteworthy links, and ‘Best of Day’ images from my iPhone. I occasionally ReTweet message from those that I follow. Also, I send out TweetUp notices inviting you to join me on a photo-walks.
  • 4) Google+ (Google+) – Google+ is pretty darn awesome, so I spend quite a bit of time over there.
  • 5) RSS ( Like any other blog, you can add to your favorite blog reader and get access to the new content when it is posted. Here’s the feed.
  • 6) Facebook ( – Yep, you can follow on Facebook. I post links to the blog when they hit the street, events for upcoming photo-walks, and some behind the scenes videos. I also host various discussions on Facebook so go ahead and like the page here. If you really like it, suggest it tor your friends.

That is probably enough “ 101” for now. However, feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. I try my best to respond as quickly as I can.

Again, THANK YOU for choosing to follow the site. It is your feedback that continues to push my own creative vision. I hope that I am able to return the favor.

p.s. Please excuse the typos, and be warned, I abuse commas.

Here are a couple more of my favorite images. I really hope you enjoy what you find here at


On Otter's Wings

Fabian Cancellara


  1. Jim Holt says:

    What happened to your newsletter? The last one I received was Jan 7, 2011. Please sign me up. Thanks, Jim

    • Howdy Jim, that is odd? You might want to check your spam folder. You should be getting an email every time I post, which is every weekday. My new newsletter will be a monthly one that will aggregate the best of from Twitter, Facebook,, and here.

      You can sign up for it here:

  2. Tresa Meier says:

    Loved your article on the American Cowboy. I actually work for Doug’s brother. Love all your photos as well. I love taking pictures myself, but not near as talented as you are. However, I am thankful God has given me eyes to see his wonderful beauty all around us. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed the series. They are some great folks and I was honored they let me take a look at their lives. I’m sure you are a great photographer! I agree, we are all blessed to be able to experience this beautiful world. Thanks for the kind words at the note. I hope to see you back here again soon!


  3. Glad you shared my presets on G+, it allowed me to find your website and it kicks ass! Great work man, Ill spend the afternoon exploring it:)

  4. Stephen Fox says:

    Hello Justin, Just a quick note to say Thank-You. I have a Nikon D5000 . Had it a couple of years now and I have recently been reading loads of Reviews on Lenses for the D5000. Your Reviews here in fact your whole sight is a pleasure to read with many of the other review sites looking very drab compared to here. Your review of the Nikon 16 85 is excellent and it assisted me in making my final next lens to purchase choice. The 16 85 although very expensive is a choice made with the Great Help from you. Kindest Regards, Stephen Fox

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