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Top 10 iPad Apps For Creative People

There is no question about it, the iPad is a revolutionary device. That being said, I thought it would be a good idea to share a list of my top 10 favorite iPad apps for creative folks like yourself.

( Note: It will actually be more like 10ish. Creative folks like myself have a tough time with hard and fast rules. Top 10 just sounds cooler than top 8 or 12. Also, this is a living document and I will update it a couple times a year. When I do, I’ll post the updates via our various social outlets, so make sure to follow, like, or circle )


Snapseed - Nik Software, Inc. (click the icons to find it in the App Store)

There isn’t a better all in one photo editing app out there. Snapseed is what I like to refer to my desert island app. Wilson and I would be perfectly content with this one. You can read my full review of Snapseed here.

Nik Software Snapseed Review

Sketch Book

SketchBook Pro for iPad - Autodesk Inc.

It’s hard for me to brainstorm within the confines of a text editor. Sometimes I like to sketch my ideas down. I use Sketch Book to do everything from generating outlines to documenting lighting diagrams. Maybe even the occasional doodle.


Evernote - Evernote

Evernote is the nerve center of my creativity. I keep everything from packing lists and travel docs to full fledged creative brainstorms. Heck, I even wrote all the content for my book ‘Big World Little Lens – The Complete Guide to iPhone Photography‘ using Evernote.


Skitch for iPad - Evernote

Skitch allows you to quickly share your ideas with others. Plus, since it is an Evernote product it easily integrates with your creativity nerve center.


Peepometer - AGLogic, LLC.

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Before you head out on a creative adventure, make sure to check the weather and prepare yourself accordingly. Peepometer is the coolest way to get your weather. Also, if you sign up for a free account you can sync your custom locations across all your iOS devices! Peepometer actually warned me of tornado…yep, I headed right to the basement.

Stuck On Earth

Stuck On Earth - Free World Travel Guide - Stuck In Customs

This is the coolest way to plan your next adventure. You can easily swipe your way around a map to discover awesome sights close to where you are going to visit and save them for later review. It’s free ‘creative reconnaissance’.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

The Photographer's Ephemeris - Crookneck Consulting LLC

If you are anything like me, you will want to know when and where the sun will set and rise. A good portion of my life is governed by these daily phenomena. TPE makes this planning easy on both your iPhone and iPad. Never miss that beautiful light again.


GarageBand - Apple

If a band called Spatula doesn’t spell garage band I don’t know what does. Yes, yes I played in Spatula all through high school. I still continue to play and record. Many of backing tracks for my movies are all created on GarageBand.


Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine - Flipboard Inc.

Curate your own magazine and view it in effortless beauty. You can even add to your FlipBoard. Our feed URL is:


Layout - Juicy Bits

Layout lets you easily create fun multi-part images to share your story with fiends and family. You can create custom layouts, using existing templates, and even apply your own unique brand of creativity to your images. All that and it’s super easy to use!


  1. Totally agree with you about Snapseed – it’s my fav! I’ll have to check out a couple of these for sure! Thanks for sharing bud!

  2. I’m also a HUGE fan of Snapseed. Every iPhone photo I make is processed in Snapseed. I also use it on my iPad on motorcycle trips to process point and shoot photos for quick blog posts. It’s amazingly powerful and full-featured for such a simple app to use. Some great suggestions here, Justin.

  3. Snapseed is awesome, especially when I just want to take a quick look at photos taken while out and about. Good quick black & white processing too.

  4. is Stuck on Earth only available on the US App Store? I can’t seem to find it on Canada’s

  5. Bought Snapseed this morning, I’ve used Flipboard and Evernote for quite a while now, and I’m looking at Stuck on Earth and the Photographer’s Ephemeris now – thanks for the great recommendations!

  6. Mark M from Arkansas says:

    Well darn it, I asked my cousin Shauna about DSLR’s that would fit my old Nikon lenses now I’m sitting here getting tips about my new 4S iphone. My old lenses and film SLR with rotten foam still sits in the closet! Eventually I’ll support the great folks at Nikon and get that DSLR but for now I’m having a blast with the i-cam!

    Thank you Justin!

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