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Getting There

Getting There

The internet has taken giant strides in the last couple of years. It has gone from a package tracking tool in (Web 1.0) to finally ending high school popularity debates (Web 2.0). Outside of Facebook and Twitter real value can be found with Google Maps and Google Earth. Armed with these tools us photographers are able to scout photo locations from space! If you haven’t tried it I suggest you do.  A photographer can gain quite a bit very quickly from internet mapping services.  Normally I will make a map of the destination I am headed and then print it out for my camera camera bag.  I have found these maps to be very useful for optimizing my time on location and I thought I could share their value with others. Feel free to use my maps or share yours with me.

To prevent contaminating your creativity I won’t include any images from these locations. That way you can experience them fresh with your own unique vision. For the non-photographers or the photographer’s companion I have added a quick list of things we found worthwhile during our visit. I hope these maps will help you as much as they helped me. Also, if you know of a great location or something to do in your town please send it my way and I will add it.

After a trip I will add notes to the locations I had identified as worthwhile. Just click on one of the locations to read what I have added.

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