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Photographer’s Guide To Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Pier

Hermosa Beach is the perfect destination for a long photo weekend in Southern California. You can fly in to LAX on a Friday and take a taxi straight to Hermosa. Photograph the Hermosa Beach Pier (pictured here) that evening, the Manhattan Beach Pier the following evening, and fly out on Sunday. You can photograph everything from breathtaking sunsets to some of the best surfers in the world and everything in between. All of that without ever having to rent a car.

Why Hermosa? There are several communities along the coast of Southern California to choose from, but in my opinion Hermosa is the best. Here are a few reasons to choose Hermosa Beach over places like Venice, Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, etc.

  • It is at the center of the South Bay. It is nestled between Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach making it the perfect location to access all three piers.
  • From what I saw (and I did visit all the communities) it still retains the quintessential beach community vibe. It is still pretty laid back and there aren’t any massive resorts crowding up the place.
  • The people in Hermosa are pretty nice.
  • There is quite a bit to do, more on that later.

Where To Stay

The Beach House Hermosa Beach

Where to stay is easy, The Beach House @ Hermosa Beach. It is right on the beach and situated within walking distance of everything you could want to do while visiting Hermosa. Here are a couple other reasons why you would want to stay at the Beach House.

  • It is literally right on ‘The Strand’, within feet of the beach.
  • The valets at the Beach House will park your cruiser bikes in a safe storage area.
  • They have a warm jacuzzi that you can soak in after a day of surfing.
  • The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
  • The rooms are big and comfortable. They all have a seating area, kitchenettes, and porch.
  • I don’t know what it is, but their breakfast granola is worth writing home about.

Things To Do

The Beach House Hermosa

The Strand is a concrete pedestrian path the runs along the beach connecting Palos Verdes in the south and Santa Monica in the north. What makes the Strand, ‘The Strand’ are the people and the communities it supports. There is so much activity going on. Hundreds of volleyball nets span the beaches from Hermosa to Manhattan. Local surfers congregate near each of the piers. Stand up paddle boarders make their way up and down miles of coastline. The beach cruiser is the primary mode of transportation, roller skates come in a close second. At night, bars come to life with the sound of local music. There is no need to travel far! Just walk, rent a bike, or roller skate your way from activity to activity. The perfect day is waking up at dawn to shoot the sunrise. Then spend the afternoon surfing, paddle boarding, riding, or walking. After an afternoon nap, photograph the sunset, grab a bite, and then catch some live music!

A few links to get you started.

Hermosa Cyclery – Rent your bikes here. It is right next to the Beach House.

Becker’s Surf (Hermosa Pier)– Rent your surf board or stand up paddle board here. If you are new to either, they offer lessons. It is only a block away from the Beach House in the heart of Hermosa Beach.

The Strand – Feel free to read my entire four part series about this Southern California icon.

Photo Map

View – Hermosa Beach Photo Map in a larger map

Here Are Few Images I Made While Visiting


  1. Jim Masur says:

    Justin wow this is a fun site and the photo under the bridge is really cool


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