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Howdy! I made this image a few days back. It’s one of the places I always visit, and mean to stop and make a photo, but never do. Well, this time I turned around and made the time. I’m glad I did. Beyond that, this image also provided some insight into where HOSSedia is headed. No, not a decaying old website. In this world of bits, bytes and memes the idea of craft is being ignored. Heck, it’s being neglected. I hope to restore the ideal of the craftsman, at least in some circles, with the launch of the new HOSSedia. Let the media revolution begin!

Oh yeah, for the photographers out there, I put the finishing touches on this image with our Lightroom presets. Pick up the ‘Complete Collection‘ and you can have them all right now! Plus you will help me cover these friggin’ hosting fees. They are expensive!

Found In The Mountain’s of Colorado

Mount Evans Mountain Goat

Howdy everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I took a deep dive in the my archives and found this guy. I photographed him up at 14,000 feet on Mt. Evans here in Colorado. IF you are ever visiting or need more information about this location, let me know. I would be happy to share it with you. If you are interested in the setup, I was using one of my favorite walk around lenses, the Nikon 18-200. What a treasure, and a cheap treasure compared to ‘pro glass’…whatever that means?

Site Update I feel like I’m steering a massive ship right now. When I started HOSSedia long ago, my ultimate dream was for it to be Journal For Good. Over the years I have met some amazing people, many of which have shared their own story about how this site has changed their lives and inspired them to pursue their own creativity. I am humbled by those stories. This weekend I decided that HOSSedia will be the platform for the project I started working on at the beginning of this year. HOSSedia will become the Journal For Good I have always envisioned. At this point, nothing is certain. The project is vast, but I believe in it. It isn’t something I can do alone. I will be reaching out to friends along the way. All that being said, steering a massive ship is slow going so please bear with me as I try to navigate the high seas of ‘Doing Some Good’.

It’s A Classic

Nicaragua Tour

While we were shopping for hot sauce in Nicaragua (I’m a hot sauce connoisseur) I stumbled upon these guys. In my best Spanish, I politely asked if I could take a photograph. In his best English he replied….’Sure, it’s a classic’.

A Stormy Sea

Howdy everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. While I continue to work on the project I was telling you about last week, I decided to take a quick break and go through the archives. Which, to my surprise, contained this photo. I made this image years ago on the far southern coast of California. I’m not sure why I hadn’t taken notice of it earlier. Maybe it’s my current state of mind that brought it out of the archives. It could be that inside me is a creative storm that continues to push breaking waves towards a distant shoreline, slowly changing its features forever. Or, I just forgot to tag with the proper meta data and it slipped through the cracks. Either way, I’m happy I found it!

It will be a short week here as I’m trying to finish a new book on the Fuji X system, but I should have a story or two to share in a few days.

A Jungle Lodge

Earlier this year I headed down to Belize to do some work for a client. Rarely do I ever share client work on the site, but I thought this one might be interesting to you. The assignment was pretty large and covered a lot of bases. Everything from food photography to tours, rooms and staff portraits. It was my first significant outing with the Fuji X system in a large-scale commercial space. The system performed flawlessly. One thing I worried about was its ability to achieve the HDR look the customer was seeking. However, with some manual bracketing it wasn’t a problem. Today’s image was a product of that method. If you have any other questions about the system let me know.