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A 35mm Coast

Howdy! As I continue to work through this period of creative growth, I decided to conduct a small experiment. I recently visited the coast of central California, armed with nothing more than my Fuji x100s. It was a creative roller coaster of a ride, but in the end I feel I made quite a bit of headway. I will be publishing all my findings in a book this month, but until then I thought I would share one of my favorite images from the exercise.

Still Developing

This post and accompanying image says it all! Yes, I am still developing. Last week I spent a few days exploring the central coast of California with nothing more than a single camera with a fixed 35mm FOV and a Fuji Instax. It was a creative exercise I will be writing about in more detail next week. The short story is, I have fallen in love with photography in completely new ways. I feel as if I have been molting on the inside as I work my way out of a creative cocoon. I can’t say I am doing my best work right now, but I am very happy with the creative sea I have set sail on. Updates from me will continue to be somewhat random, but building a cocoon isn’t easy.

Cycling Is Cool

Tom Danielson

Howdy! I was back in the cycling saddle last night working with a Jr. team here in Colorado. If you know anything about me, you know I love cycling. It’s the greatest sport on earth. There isn’t another sport out there where you can go and test yourself in the same arenas as the pros do. You can go ride the same mountain passes that the Tour de France traverses. I’ve done it. And although I do it slower than the pro peloton, it is no less spectacular. Another cool thing that separates cycling from the other sports is the athlete accessibility. Not only during the races, but in general. Last night Tom Danielson, who got 8th in the Tour de France came out to support our Junior cycling team. It was fun watching a bunch of really fit 16 & 17 year olds test themselves against him. And to be honest, they were giving him a run for his money. Yeah, cycling is the greatest sport on earth.

The Artisans Of Santa Fe


I’m still hard at work at getting everything together here. There is a lot going into this project, and I hope to get dialed in soon. As I continue to work on the project, I’m revisiting my archives. I found these photos of a local artisan in Santa Fe. I really wish I could remember his name. My friends bought this painting and it is currently hanging in their house. I love picking up local art. I feel it fuels this big beautiful karmic cycle of creativity. Do you ever buy local art, or know of any local artists? If so, please share them.

Colombian Market

Colombian Cartagena


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I wanted to let you all know I will be hosting a free Webinar tomorrow over at Macphun. I will actually be hosting a series of them and tomorrow is the first. According to the webinar description…

Justin Balog takes you on an exciting photographic adventure through the Panama Canal.

Along the way, he’ll share some amazing stories with his unique brand of folksy humor, talk about his travel and image post-processing thoughts and techniques. Don’t miss this special event!

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Today’s Photo Although this isn’t the Panama Canal, it is one of the stops along the way. This is the view of a local Colombian Market in the port city of Cartagena. It is also a photograph I made while working on my new project that I should be announcing soon. Hopefully by next week. Thanks again for visiting and bearing with me as I work my way through this new project.